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Franklin County Personal Injury Law Blog

Opioid crisis leads to changes in workers' compensation laws

There is no question that the use and abuse of narcotics is dangerously high across the country. Reports of opioid overdoses and increased levels of addiction to painkillers make headlines almost nightly as the medical community, politicians and families try to figure out how to curb the use of these dangerously addictive drugs.

For many who suffer with addiction, their troubles began with a simple prescription. In fact, many struggling with opioid dependency began their dark journey with a workplace injury.

Spinal cord injuries: When hitting the road isn't a good thing

No one needed to tell you the dangers of riding your motorcycle. You understood the risks when you took to the road and gladly accepted them. You drove diligently and took as many safety precautions as you could.

What you couldn't count on was that another driver's distraction, impairment or other mistake led to the accident that caused your spinal cord injury. Now that you received a diagnosis, you probably have numerous questions.

Truckers have tons of reasons not to get distracted on the road

Driving a semitrailer requires a special license because these mammoth vehicles require special driving skills in order to operate them safely. Their size makes them imposing enough on the road, but when coupled with the number of tons just one 18-wheeler weighs, maneuvering, stopping and otherwise evading disaster becomes a challenge.

That's the challenge on a good day facing every truck driver on the roads of Pennsylvania and the rest of the country. When truckers allow themselves to get distracted, any possibility of avoiding a catastrophe on the road diminishes.

Dreaming of a safer workplace? You could wake up to that reality

Work injuries can happen to anyone at any time. Despite advances in work safety protocols and oversight, there were almost three million work-related illnesses and injuries in 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While there are hazardous work places with a higher likelihood of accident, it's not always in jobs you might expect. Yes, careers in the oil, gas and construction industries are dangerous, but health care workers have a high rate of injury as well, from duties such as lifting patients.

While workers' compensation helps cover some costs, work-related injuries are expensive, not just for companies and taxpayers, but for employees themselves, in terms of both physical and mental pain and medical bills. With so many regulations in place to ensure worker safety, why do workplace injuries still occur on such a frequent basis? The answer may surprise you; according to a recent study by the National Safety Council, the number one culprit in work accidents is lack of sleep.

Protecting your rights to compensation through an appeal

If you have suffered a severe injury while at work, you might be experiencing challenges in numerous areas of life. Perhaps you are currently unable to return to your job. When coupled with medical bills, a loss of income can lead to significant financial hardships.

You might have chosen to pursue financial relief, potentially leading you to consider filing for benefits through the workers' compensation insurance system. However, the process can be complex, and you might be uncertain how to proceed, especially if your initial claim results in a denial.

Seeking compensation on behalf of your injured child

Children are prone to accidents. Tripping, falling and accidents of all kinds are a part of growing up, yet sometimes, injuries to children are not the result of a simple accident. If your child suffered serious or concerning injuries in an accident while visiting a public place or on privately owned Pennsylvania property, it is possible that his or her suffering is the result of negligence.

From dog bites to sustaining injuries in a slip-and-fall accident, if negligence played a role in the injuries experienced by your child, you could have valid grounds for a premises liability claim. By taking action on behalf of your son or daughter, you could claim compensatory damages from the property owner for injuries and pain and suffering.

How long is the waiting period for workers' comp benefits?

Despite the efforts of safety authorities to protect workers nationwide, including in Pennsylvania, occupational hazards will always exist. Do you work for a company whose management focuses on profits with total disregard for employee safety? Your concern over your ability to care for your family if you should suffer serious workplace injuries can become a distraction, which could jeopardize your safety at work.

Knowing that the workers' compensation benefits system provides financial help after workplace injuries may be comforting, but you might have more peace of mind from knowing the types of benefits that the programs offer and how soon after an injury you will receive benefits. Workers' compensation benefits must not be confused with Social Security Disability Insurance payments that only start five months after an injury occurred.

The repercussions of a closed head injury could be lifelong

Anytime someone suffers from a head injury, a possibility of lifelong repercussions exists. If your doctors told you that you suffered a closed head injury, you may wonder what that could mean for the rest of your life. It all depends on the severity and type of injury.

The main characteristic of a closed head injury lies in the fact that no penetration of the skull occurred. They occur in motor vehicle crashes, falls and other accidents. More severe injuries could involve intracranial pressure or swelling of the brain, which may lead to permanent brain damage. One of the most dangerous aspects of a closed head injury involves the victim being unaware that significant damage occurred.

When a trip on an escalator ends in a trip to the hospital

You could take the stairs, but why? A perfectly good escalator is right next to the stairs, which would get you to the next floor more quickly. You've probably used an escalator thousands of times, but it only takes one time for an accident to occur that could send you to the hospital with serious injuries. Occasionally, news outlets report that someone suffered injuries while using an escalator, but that seems to do little to stem the flow of people using them on a daily basis.

Across the United States, escalators make approximately 105 billion, yes billion, passenger trips up and down each year. These moving stairs often see continuous use in many retail, public and commercial buildings. Like any other mechanical device, this causes wear and tear on their many parts and mechanisms. Even the smallest defect, malfunction or broken part could easily lead to disaster. 

Traumatic brain injuries are prevalent in many occupations

How safe is your workplace? Safe work environments are an often-unrecognized contributor to the bottom line, but many Pennsylvania employers fail to prioritize employee health and safety. For this reason, you might be responsible for keeping a lookout for hazards that could cause you life-changing injuries or worse.

Did you know that there are risks of suffering traumatic brain injuries in any occupation? Whether you earn your income in an office, on a construction site, driving a big rig or any other workplace, a fall in which you strike your head could have devastating consequences.