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Franklin County Personal Injury Law Blog

Day care centers may place your child at risk

If you struggled to find an appropriate, affordable day care center for your children, you are like many parents in Pennsylvania and across the country. Finding affordable day care is a challenge for many working parents, and not every facility is the right fit for your child. You likely visited several homes and day care centers before finding one that worked for your family, and you may not want to think about the possibility that something is not quite right.

Is your child sick a lot? Does your child get injured while at day care? Have you ever taken a really close look at the area designated for your child to play? If you haven't visited the day care lately, a recent inspection report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services may prompt you to make an inspection of your own.

Your neighborhood playground can be a minefield of hazards

If you are a parent in Pennsylvania, you will naturally want to protect your child from harm. Unfortunately, you cannot keep your children in cocoons, and there are numerous causes for child injuries. Regardless of how much care you take, some incidents that can cause them harm may happen anyway.

Car accidents, medical negligence, pharmaceutical errors, school ground accidents and many other circumstances may injure your child. Sadly, the neglect of others can sometimes result in injuries that leave your child with permanent disabilities that could have life-long consequences.

5 most frequently cited causes of occupational injuries

A multitude of people in Pennsylvania and other states suffer workplace injuries or illnesses every year. Fortunately, employers must carry workers' compensation insurance that helps injured workers cope with the financial consequences of occupational injuries and diseases. This is a no-fault system, meaning that you will be eligible for compensation regardless of who caused your injury.

Workers compensation typically covers all medical expenses, including the cost to travel to hospitals and doctors. If your injury prevents you from returning to work, you will receive a percentage of lost wages, and you may even get vocational rehabilitation to teach you new skills if you can no longer do your previous job.

Whiplash injuries can have life-altering consequences

If you were involved in a rear-end or T-bone car accident, you might have suffered whiplash injuries. In many cases, victims of these injuries do not realize it, and neglect to seek medical evaluation immediately after the crash. Whiplash injuries result from the rapid forward, backward and sideways movements of a person's head at impact in a collision.

Some people are fortunate to suffer only minor discomfort that resolves on its own within a few days. However, signs of whiplash injuries do not always manifest immediately. They could take hours or days to become evident, and sometimes can involve severe pain that could be chronic. You might even experience emotional and cognitive problems.

What's threatening your safety at work?

Workplace safety is a critical issue for every employee and employer, no matter the type of job or industry. When employees face exposure to unnecessary risks and safety threats, it naturally leads to a higher chance that preventable accidents will happen. One of the simplest ways to prevent these types of incidents is to remove hazards whenever possible.

Common workplace hazards, while rather simple to address, are the source of a significant number of workplace accidents. Pennsylvania workers who experience an injury at work are eligible for benefits through their employer's workers' compensation insurance.

Don't take a slip-and-fall accident lying down

If you have suffered injuries on another person's property in Pennsylvania, you might have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit. Any property owner must ensure his or her property does not pose safety hazards. However, thousands of people suffer the consequences of negligent property maintenance every year.

Sometimes, injuries that result from one of these incidents appear insignificant initially but then develop into more severe injuries over the days or weeks following the incident. For that reason, a proper medical examination after any such accident can ensure not only the appropriate treatment to limit the consequences but also serve as proof if you later decide to pursue recovery of damages.

Your job may require you to be in charge of your own safety

If you earn your income as an employee in one of the many warehousing and distribution centers in Harrisburg, Chambersburg, Bedford or any other cities between Philadelphia and Baltimore, you will likely be aware of the numerous hazards that are typical of these work environments. While your health and safety in the workplace are the responsibility of your employer, it may not be his or her priority.

Just like many other Pennsylvania workers, you might have learned not to rely on your employer's compliance with federal safety regulations to get you home safely every day. While you have to depend on him or her to provide personal protective equipment, you may still need to rely on your own vigilance to avoid workplace injuries.

Opioid crisis leads to changes in workers' compensation laws

There is no question that the use and abuse of narcotics is dangerously high across the country. Reports of opioid overdoses and increased levels of addiction to painkillers make headlines almost nightly as the medical community, politicians and families try to figure out how to curb the use of these dangerously addictive drugs.

For many who suffer with addiction, their troubles began with a simple prescription. In fact, many struggling with opioid dependency began their dark journey with a workplace injury.

Spinal cord injuries: When hitting the road isn't a good thing

No one needed to tell you the dangers of riding your motorcycle. You understood the risks when you took to the road and gladly accepted them. You drove diligently and took as many safety precautions as you could.

What you couldn't count on was that another driver's distraction, impairment or other mistake led to the accident that caused your spinal cord injury. Now that you received a diagnosis, you probably have numerous questions.

Truckers have tons of reasons not to get distracted on the road

Driving a semitrailer requires a special license because these mammoth vehicles require special driving skills in order to operate them safely. Their size makes them imposing enough on the road, but when coupled with the number of tons just one 18-wheeler weighs, maneuvering, stopping and otherwise evading disaster becomes a challenge.

That's the challenge on a good day facing every truck driver on the roads of Pennsylvania and the rest of the country. When truckers allow themselves to get distracted, any possibility of avoiding a catastrophe on the road diminishes.