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December 2014 Archives

Compensation for lost wages due to accident injuries

When a Pennsylvania worker is suffering from accident injuries, it can lead to economic loss from both medical expenses and missed wages. Fortunately, a victim has certain legal options after a serious accident. A personal injury lawsuit may be a reasonable option in order to recover some or all of the expenses associated with accident injuries and significant damage. 

Parent responsibility for teen drinking parties

One of the leading causes of fatal car accident is drunk driving. While about 30,000 people die every year in motor vehicle accidents, about one-third of those deaths are alcohol related. And a portion of those death involve teen or underage drivers. While most states prohibit the consumption of alcohol by minors, it sadly occurs in significant numbers.

An attorney's help on SSDI application can minimize delays

If you are suffering from a medical condition that makes it more and more difficult to continue working, you may have considered applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. These benefits can help replace some of the income that you no longer can earn.

They rarely are accidents

One of the reasons we refer to collisions between motor vehicles as motor vehicle accidents is the element of random chance as to the participants. While there are some cases, such as those involving alcohol and resulting in charges of criminal vehicular homicide, few drivers intend harm when they set off down the highway.

Five fatalities on Pennsylvania roads to begin holiday season

The holiday season is always so full of promise, of family get-togethers, of Currier and Ives images of homes and hearths decorated for the season. But it is also full of the promise of negligent driving, of motorists driving too fast and too intoxicated to control their vehicles, leading to deadly crashes that devastate families during the holidays.

Filing an appeal for a denied claim of SSDI benefits

When a person in Pennsylvania suffers an injury and is in need of Social Security disability benefits, a frequent concern is what to do if they are subject to a denied claim. While this might seem to be a final word when the Social Security Administration decides that the claimant doesn't meet the federal requirements, there are still options for a claimant to file an appeal. The rejection of an appeal is not a formality and it may be possible for a qualified claimant to have the decision reversed and receive benefits.

What standards apply for motorcycles in Pennsylvania?

Many Pennsylvania residents enjoy going out with a group of friends or by themselves and riding their motorcycle. Before hitting the road, individuals often make sure they have the gear and equipment necessary for the ride, along with any extra items they may plan to bring along.

Working through a Social Security disability claim

The holiday season can be both an enjoyable and stressful time for Pennsylvania residents. There is plenty of joy in gathering with friends and family and giving gifts to loved ones. At the same time, however, there is stress in meeting these obligations, including the pressure that comes with increased financial expenses during the holiday season.