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January 2018 Archives

Getting back to work after a work-related accident

If you suffered an injury in a work-related accident, you know how difficult it can be to pick up the pieces and secure the help and care you need. Injured Pennsylvania workers have the right to seek workers' compensation benefits after work-related accidents and sicknesses, but it can be beneficial to understand exactly what those benefits entail.

Know the rules about choosing a medical care provider

Employers with one or more employees in Pennsylvania must have workers' compensation insurance in place, even for part-time and seasonal workers. This will pay your medical expenses if you should suffer an on-the-job injury or contract a work-related illness. Furthermore, it will pay a portion of the wages you lost if you were unable to return to work immediately. You may also find comfort in knowing that your dependents will receive similar coverage if you do not survive a workplace accident.

Did bad weather contribute to your motorcycle accident?

Even though it is the middle of winter here in Pennsylvania, the weather may not stop die-hard motorcycle riders from getting out on their bikes. This means accidents involving these automobiles are still likely to happen. What happens if bad weather contributes to a motorcycle accident?

Beware -- snow removal could be a deadly procedure

Removing snow from roofs is a dangerous task that can lead to severe injuries or even fatalities. It is not only the snow that poses risks but also the structure. Older buildings might have structural deterioration that could compromise the stability of the roof when it carries the weight of snow. When you add to that the weight of a snow-removal crew, it might cause a devastating collapse.