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May 2018 Archives

Are your post-accident symptoms a sign of traumatic brain injury?

If you're used to navigating busy roadways in Chambersburg or other nearby Pennsylvania towns, you already understand how traffic-laden such areas can be. Nearby interstates are known for being high-risk areas for collisions. In fact, on a busy Friday afternoon when all you want to do is get home safely from work and start your weekend with a nice dinner and some rest and relaxation, you might wind up spending your evening in an entirely different way if another motorist hits your car.  

Typical injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents

If you are a motorcyclist in Pennsylvania, you likely could not wait to get out on the roads after the long winter. However, you should take care not to have so much fun that you lose sight of the dangers you face. You could be vulnerable even with protective gear, such as proper clothing, boots, gloves, eye protection and a helmet.

New innovations in workplace safety and personal protective gear

Rapidly advancing technology has brought about many changes in traditional workplaces. While many of them aim to improve production and profits, more and more industries now focus on employee safety. These are the business owners who recognize the fact that fewer workplace injuries can benefit their bottom lines.

What will your claim for mental distress and trauma be worth?

If you suffered serious injuries in a Pennsylvania car accident that resulted from another party's negligence, you might have grounds to recover the damages you sustained. You deserve compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and even emotional distress and trauma. However, the latter claim might be challenging to navigate.