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June 2018 Archives

Do not overlook the risk of skin cancer if you work outdoors

Summer is here, and while most people in Pennsylvania likely cannot wait to get out and enjoy the sun, those whose occupations have them working all day outdoors might not realize the danger posed by the UV rays of the sun. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration started warning employers about the dangers of heat illnesses during spring, and urged them to provide fresh water and shady rest areas for outdoor workers. However, safety authorities make little mention of the risks of skin cancer.

How safe will your child be at the amusement park?

Summer is the time for many exciting activities, and for some thrill seekers and families in Pennsylvania, trips to their favorite amusement parks are highlights of the season. While your children might anticipate excitement and nothing else, it would be only natural for you as a parent to struggle not to think of the many theme park tragedies in the past. These parks are often not as safe as people would like to believe.

A severe bone fracture may need an invasive procedure to repair

While broken bones are relatively common injuries that can occur from a variety of activities, they can prove immensely serious in some cases. Depending on how the injury comes about, you could suffer a minor hairline fracture, or you could suffer a more unfortunate injury, like a compound fracture.