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October 2018 Archives

Be prepared for the hazards of a road trip this Thanksgiving

Safety authorities in Pennsylvania and other states are spreading the word about the hazards of traveling during the coming Thanksgiving weekend. The American Automobile Association expects that over 51 million people will take to the nation's roads for trips exceeding 50 miles. If you and your family plan to share the busy highways with the millions of others, you will also benefit from the tips and advice that aim to underscore the need for all to share the roadways safely.

Do you know which types of personal injury damages you can claim?

While safe driving practices and compliance with traffic rules might keep you safe on Pennsylvania roads, accidents have a habit of happening when you least expect it. The problem is that you will never have any control over the actions of other drivers. Fortunately, the civil justice system allows you to pursuit financial relief if another party's negligence caused your injuries.

What if the minor bumper-bashing caused more than minor injuries?

If you were involved in a vehicle accident in Pennsylvania, you might find it difficult to make sense of it all. Crash victims often experience trouble focusing -- almost as if their minds are foggy. It is only natural to suffer emotional disorientation and mental trauma, and you might not realize that delayed symptoms might appear later, although you seem to have no injuries.