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December 2018 Archives

Protect your teen from year-end hazards on Pennsylvania roads

Hundreds of people nationwide lose their lives in car accidents over the year-end holidays every year, including in Pennsylvania, and those left with serious injuries make up hundreds of thousands more. Sadly, many of these victims are young, inexperienced teenage drivers who were unprepared for the hazards posed by holiday traffic and winter weather hazards. Safety authorities suggest parents of teen drivers make road safety part of their year-end traditions.

Forklifts could be life-threatening workplace hazards

Workers in warehouses in the area between Philadelphia and Baltimore face multiple safety hazards. Some of the most dangerous pieces of machinery in such facilities are mobile equipment such as lift trucks and forklifts. If you are the operator of such a vehicle, you might benefit from a reminder about the hazards you face and the steps you can take to protect yourself.

Your child's gifts might pose life-threatening risks

The continued need for the public and government agencies to protect children from hazardous toys is evident after a recent investigation into the safety of toys on the shelves this holiday season. Although the Consumer Product Safety Commission along with distributors and manufacturers work to protect children from hazardous toys, sometimes, recalls only occur once injury reports reach authorities or manufacturers. This could leave you -- unknowingly -- with dangerous toys in your home.