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Posts tagged "police"

NJ may stop enforcement of out-of-state camera tickets

Most states are always in a tension between how much traffic enforcement they employ and questions of safety. Obviously, if Pennsylvania had a state police trooper stationed every couple of miles along the roads and highways, few people would speed, drive drunk or engage in other unsafe driving violations.

Municipal radar--safer roads or more speed traps?

Because highways are so integral to how we live in the U.S., issues affecting all aspects of highway transportation are political. From how we fund road projects, to where they should be built to the safety equipment required in vehicles, are all matters that can become political when they are proposed or implemented.

Drowsy driving accidents have increased in Eastern Pennsylvania

Operating a car is a complex task and demands your full attention. One reason why drunk driving is so deadly and why there has been a decade's long campaign by law enforcement and other highway safety groups is that alcohol not only impairs your cognitive and motor reflexes that you rely on for safe operation of a motor vehicle, but it impairs your ability to recognize that you are impaired.

Don't make Memorial Day too memorable

Pennsylvania endured what may have been the worst winter in living memory for many people, and so with Memorial Day marking the start of summer, or at least the summer driving season, many are ready to get on the road and go somewhere, anywhere. And those people will have a lot of company, as the AAA is estimating the highest traffic count since the recession, with an expected 31.8 million drivers on the roads.

Tires falling off vehicles are rarely accidents

We call them accidents. Car accidents. Truck accidents. Accidents. The generic implication of the word accident is that it was not intentional. But of course, we all know some accidents are really not accidental. Drunk driving, always has the volitional act of taking that first drink, no matter how lacking in intention to drive into another vehicle head-on and kill all of the occupants.

Fatal crash knocks pedestrian off elevated street

A horrific accident a pedestrian was killed in the University City section of Philadelphia, when a speeding car ran a red light, collided with another vehicle and stuck the traffic signal pole the pedestrian had attempted to climb in an effort to avoid being hit by the careening car.

Medical condition may have caused Philadelphia car and bus crash

A car accident that occurred this month in Philadelphia involving a passenger car and a SEPTA bus may have been due to a medical emergency that was suffered by driver of the car. The car ran a red light at the intersection of 11th Street and Vine Street, where it hit a Route 23 bus, which was northbound on 11th.

Hit-and-run leaves pedestrian with serious injuries

Pennsylvania's motorists should be aware of pedestrians at all times. Failing to do so could result in a tragic, injurious or even fatal accident. These victims then often have to deal with the hardships associated with recovering from such a wreck. This often includes excruciating physical pain, mental turmoil and financial uncertainty. Many times, a lawsuit is the only way for these car accident victims to obtain the compensation they need and to hold the errant drivers who hurt them accountable.

Teen injured in Pennsylvania car accident

Sadly, negligent drivers plague Pennsylvania's roads. These errant drivers can turn a routine drive or walk into a nightmare in the blink of an eye, leaving unsuspecting individuals injured in their wake. Pedestrians are especially susceptible to harm as they do not have the protections afforded by seat belts, air bags and metal framing. Thus, when a pedestrian is hit by a negligent driver and suffers a serious injury, he or she should take legal action.

Fatal crash occurs after driver runs a stop sign

A woman was killed and another man injured in an accident along the Pennsylvania-Ohio border.  The accident occurred on Jan. 11 at 8:00 p.m.  According to the Lawrence County coroner, the accident site was being treated as a crime scene.