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Posts tagged "Social security disability"

Fight for Social Security benefits to which you are entitled

After the diagnosis of a serious illness or a serious accident that leaves you injured, you may be unable to return to work and perform your duties as you did before. When these circumstances arise, Pennsylvania residents will probably be concerned about their future financial well-being and how to cover the costs of additional medical needs. Those who are unable to work because of a mental or physical condition could be eligible for Social Security benefits.

Options for cancer patients who are unable to work

Cancer is a serious diagnosis that will likely affect every area of life, including employment. When a patient reaches a point where he or she is unable to work due to the side effects of the disease or treatment, there may be options available for financial assistance. Some patients may be eligible for Social Security Disability Income or Supplemental Security Income benefits. 

Testing tests for SSDI determinations

SSDI is an expensive program. And while everyone is concerned about the cost of the program and how to reduce those costs, especially in light of the impending exhaustion of the SSDI trust fund in 2016, there is often an implicit assumption behind the idea that costs can be cut.

Does Congress really want to help disabled workers?

One of the complaints made against the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program is that it does not do enough to help those who are able to return to work. This is somewhat of a disingenuous assertion, because SSDI requires application to have been out of work for 12 months and for the medical condition or illness that has caused their disability to be unlikely to improve.

Will I have to pay taxes on my SSD benefits?

April 15, the deadline for filing your tax returns, will be here in no time. For people in Harrisburg who began receiving Social Security Disability benefits last year, the process of filing a tax return may be a bit more confusing than it was last year. Do you have to pay taxes on your SSD benefits? And if so, how much? We hope that the following information will help you gain a high-level understanding of the tax obligations that SSD recipients have.

Without workers' comp, workers turn to SSDI

Congress has been struggling to deal with the many issues the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program has been facing. The growth of the system and the increase in associated costs have created pressures to do something. The greatest pressure will be to address the immediate funding shortfall, with the exhaustion of the SSDI trust fund.

The CDR backlog is the fault of Congress

The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program faces many challenges. The Social Security Administration (SSA) must deal with issues ranging from the exhaustion of the SSDI trust fund and the potential for a substantial cut to benefit payments to allegations of fraud within the program.

SSDI and the lack of other choices

A story in The Atlantic describes the problems of Grundy, Virginia, in the far southwest corner of the state. There, many of the residents had jobs in the coal industry, but now, with the decline in coal jobs, the area has few jobs and many rely on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits as their only income.

The war on SSDI

Congress has begin it new session with what can only be seen as an opening salvo in the coming war on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The program, which provides benefits to disabled worker in Pennsylvania and across the U.S., is expected to run short of money to pay the current benefit levels in 2016.