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How to hold retailers’ responsible if injured in slip and fall accidents

Retail stores are gearing up for holiday shoppers. Even during busy seasons, stores are expected to provide a safe environment for shoppers. Those that patron these retailers rightfully expect the premise to be free of hazards such as broken stairs, slippery spills and poor lighting. Any of these dangers could lead to injury. If a hazard leads to an injury, the shopper may be able to hold the retailer accountable.

Enforcement officers throughout the country are also encouraging retailers provide safe environments for shoppers. In an effort to help shoppers stay safe, some proactive tips include shopping with others and entering stores safely. Officers note that shoppers should avoid rushing into a store to help reduce the risk of injury.

Tips to help hold retailers accountable

Even when shoppers take precautions, accidents like slip-and-falls can happen. If the accident is the fault of the retailer, these steps can help ensure the victim receives the compensation he or she deserves.

First, seek medical attention. If the injury is serious it should be treated promptly. In addition to helping the victim recover as quickly as possible, seeking treatment also serves as potential evidence. If possible, the victim should have a friend or family member stay behind and jot down contact information for fellow shoppers that saw the accident happen. The store may also have surveillance cameras. Footage filmed from these cameras can provide additional, supportive evidence.

It is important to pursue a slip and fall or other accident claim promptly. There are time limits that could inhibit one’s ability to pursue a claim after a certain period of time passes.

Remedies may be available for injured shoppers

Slip and falls are not the only accidents that can lead to injuries for shoppers. Poorly stacked merchandise could fall, hitting and injuring a customer. Stores may not be properly prepared for crowds, leading to overcrowding injuries like trampling. A parking lot may not be properly maintained. This could lead to cracks that could trip customers or a buildup of ice that could cause a customer to fall.

Regardless of the cause of the injury, those injured while shopping may be eligible to receive compensation for their injuries. Holding the retailer responsible can help the victim cover the cost of treatment, medical bills and even missed wages.

If you are injured and believe the retailer is responsible, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your situation. This legal professional will be able to discuss your options and better ensure your rights and potential remedies are protected.