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Construction Accident Lawyers Providing Strong Legal Representation

Have you suffered a serious injury at a construction site because of malfunctioning heavy machinery, falling objects or a fall from a ladder or scaffold?

Our experienced construction injury attorneys can help.

We are the law firm of DiLoreto, Cosentino & Bolinger. Since 1982, we have fought hard – and successfully – for the rights of workers throughout Central Pennsylvania, including construction workers, roofers, carpenters and others who have been injured in on-the-job accidents.

Our track record of success is built upon decades of positive results for workers seeking wage benefits and medical benefits because their employers and employers’ insurers have failed to acknowledge their sacrifices.

When A Construction Accident Sidelines You, Our Chambersburg Law Firm Can Help

Our personal injury and third-party claim law firm need to hear from you immediately if your construction accident injury was caused by a:

  • Injuries caused by a fall
  • Accident from operating equipment
  • Building collapse
  • Roofing or building accident
  • Powertool injuries
  • Logging accident
  • Elevator accident
  • Highway or roadway construction accident
  • Burn injuries from fires, explosions or chemicals
  • Electrical accident
  • Accident due to the negligence of a job supervisor or manufacturer

No matter what kind of accident you experienced, we can help answer any questions you may have about your case, such as:

What Type Of Claim Do I File For A Construction Work Accident?

Depending on the nature of your injury, you may be able to collect workers’ compensation, compensation from a personal injury claim or both. If the injury happened at work, you would almost certainly qualify for workers’ compensation, but you will not be able to file an injury claim against your employer. There still may be an opportunity to earn additional income in your situation.

We can work closely with you to review your case to determine if a third party, like a subcontractor, was liable for your injuries and help you file a claim against them. It is possible to collect workers’ compensation and compensation from a third-party claim for your injuries.

What If I Was At Fault Or Partially At Fault For The Construction Accident?

When it comes to workers’ compensation, fault is not really a factor as long as you were injured while you were working and safely performing your duties by operating within employee guidelines and protocol. If you were not wearing proper protective equipment at the time of your injury, for example, you may not qualify for workers’ compensation.

For personal injury claims, Pennsylvania uses comparative fault to determine compensation values. As long as the victim was not more than 50% liable for their injuries, they can receive a settlement that reflects the amount of liability the other party shares. For example, if a court determines that you were 40% responsible for your accident while the other party was 60% liable, you would receive 60% of the total compensation you could otherwise earn in your claim.

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If an accident on a Pennsylvania construction site has seriously injured you to the degree that your livelihood is in jeopardy, contact one of our experienced lawyers immediately for a free initial consultation. Call us toll free at 866-967-7235 or send an email message. The contingency fee basis for our work means you owe no attorney fees unless we win your case.