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We Hold Drunk Drivers Responsible

Few acts are as irresponsible as driving while intoxicated. Every day, however, people make the choice to drive after having too much to drink, with results that can be devastating for others on the road. If you were injured or lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident, an experienced attorney can evaluate the situation and apprise you of your options.

DiLoreto, Cosentino & Bolinger is a law firm focused entirely on helping injured people. Since our founding in 1982, we have built a reputation for providing intelligent, aggressive representation coupled with compassionate client service in a range of motor vehicle accident claims.

We understand that brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and wrongful death resulting from drunk driving accidents are unexpected and alter families forever. Clients rely on us to recover much-needed compensation and perhaps to provide some sense of justice following these serious events.

Full Investigation And Monitoring

It is common for criminal charges to be filed against drunk drivers who cause accidents. As part of our comprehensive representation, we monitor the progress of the criminal case. This is important because a conviction or guilty plea provides the injured person with court-verified proof that the driver was indeed impaired, which greatly aids negotiations with insurance companies in the civil lawsuit.

Further, we conduct our own investigations into drunk driving accidents by reviewing police reports, interviewing witnesses and carefully analyzing the circumstances surrounding those accidents.

Our legal team regularly works with doctors and other medical specialists to document our clients’ injuries and required treatment. We take the full measure of any lost wages (past and future) and place a monetary value on pain and suffering. Additionally, it may be appropriate to request punitive damages and to seek damages from the bar or establishment that served the driver an excessive amount of alcohol. In all drunk driver cases, we devote the time and energy needed to explore all options and give clients the information needed to make wise decisions about accepting a settlement or instead proceeding to trial.

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If you have been hurt in a drunk driving accident in southern Pennsylvania, our skilled legal team can help you pursue compensation for your injuries. To arrange a free initial consultation, call 866-967-7235 or contact our law firm online.

We take all cases on a contingency basis, meaning you pay no attorney fees unless we win your case. In addition, we advance all costs of litigation, such as deposition costs, filing fees and expert witness fees. Even if we are not successful in obtaining money damages for you, you are not responsible for those costs.