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Franklin County Personal Injury Law Blog

How can you stay safe while driving at night?

Daylight Saving Time ended earlier this month, which means it is getting darker sooner. Driving on Pennsylvania roads at night is the most hazardous time to drive, and you might find yourself spending more time driving at night. The National Safety Council says fatigue, shorter days, compromised night vision and various other factors increase the risk of fatal car accidents at night to three times the daytime risk.

Most drivers require time to adjust to the circumstances, and you might find that the darkness compromises your peripheral vision, color recognition and depth perception. Furthermore, oncoming vehicles' glaring headlights might blind you temporarily.

Machinery maintenance, installation and repair can be dangerous

There are many dangerous occupations in the United States. Everyone knows that construction, firefighting and similar jobs can be dangerous. But one occupation that gets a little less press for its dangers is installation and maintenance work on industrial machines and heating and cooling systems.

While these industries are doing what they can to keep their workers safe, these are inherently dangerous jobs. Every year people are injured and killed in these jobs through no fault of their own.

How can employers reduce falls on construction sites?

If you work on a Pennsylvania construction site, you understand that the job comes with certain risks. Despite the fact that construction work is inherently risky, you still have the right to certain safety measures on site. In fact, your employer is responsible for implementing appropriate safety measures, including steps to prevent falls. 

Falls are one of the most common sources of workplace accidents on construction sites. They can lead to serious or even fatal injuries, but often, they are preventable through the implementation of safety standards and fall protection equipment. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, some of the most common violations on construction sites in 2017 involved fall protection equipment and working from heights.

Asbestos remains a significant threat to auto mechanics

If you work in an auto repair shop in Pennsylvania, you likely face multiple hazards that threaten your safety and health. Along with slip-and-fall hazards caused by spilled automotive oil and the cuts and bruises you can suffer, many car parts contain asbestos. This toxic mineral has remarkable fire-resistant qualities, but it is a significant health risk because it is a known carcinogen. Asbestos is the leading cause of a deadly type of cancer: mesothelioma.


Be prepared for the hazards of a road trip this Thanksgiving

Safety authorities in Pennsylvania and other states are spreading the word about the hazards of traveling during the coming Thanksgiving weekend. The American Automobile Association expects that over 51 million people will take to the nation's roads for trips exceeding 50 miles. If you and your family plan to share the busy highways with the millions of others, you will also benefit from the tips and advice that aim to underscore the need for all to share the roadways safely.

Traffic congestion will be a significant challenge, and there might be many impatient drivers whose rush to get to their destinations will put the lives of others at risk. Be prepared to share the highways with many big rigs and other commercial vehicles that present their own unique dangers. You may also have to deal with reduced visibility due to blowing snow, high wind and other weather-related hazards.

Do you know which types of personal injury damages you can claim?

While safe driving practices and compliance with traffic rules might keep you safe on Pennsylvania roads, accidents have a habit of happening when you least expect it. The problem is that you will never have any control over the actions of other drivers. Fortunately, the civil justice system allows you to pursuit financial relief if another party's negligence caused your injuries.

However, most crashes cause more losses than medical expenses. You might have questions about the types of damages you might include in a documented claim when you file a personal injury lawsuit.

Eyesight can be lost in the blink of an eye

Thousands of eye injuries occur nationwide every day, including in Pennsylvania. Do you give eye safety the consideration it deserves? Does your employer provide appropriate personal protective equipment to prevent eye injuries?

Eye damage can occur in a split second, and although these injuries are preventable, you cannot eliminate all the threats by using engineering controls. For that reason, eye protection that fits properly is critical.

What if the minor bumper-bashing caused more than minor injuries?

If you were involved in a vehicle accident in Pennsylvania, you might find it difficult to make sense of it all. Crash victims often experience trouble focusing -- almost as if their minds are foggy. It is only natural to suffer emotional disorientation and mental trauma, and you might not realize that delayed symptoms might appear later, although you seem to have no injuries.

Amidst the many distractions of police reports and figuring out how it all happened, you might not realize the importance of a medical evaluation -- hidden injuries may take days or even weeks to become apparent. The long-term consequences could be more severe the longer these injuries go untreated.

Protect your limbs and your life while felling trees

Pennsylvania is one of the primary producers of hardwood lumber in the country. The logging industry provides work to a significant portion of the manufacturing workforce of the state. Are you one of the thousands of workers who put their lives on the line each day to earn an income and care for their families?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, logging is near the top of the list of most hazardous occupations nationwide. Thousands of workers in this industry are injured or killed every year. The BLS says more than 60 percent of logging accident victims were using chainsaws for limbing, felling or bucking at the time of the accidents.

Take charge of your safety on Pennsylvania roadways

Every time you see a wreck as you travel along Pennsylvania highways, you likely fear the day that you might be a victim of a car accident. An auto accident can happen to anybody, at any time. Even the most careful driver is vulnerable to unsafe roads or negligent drivers of other vehicles. However, there are steps that you can take to protect yourself.

If you take time to learn about some of the common accident types and understand what causes them, you will also reduce the chances of being an accident victim. Having all the information possible will allow you to establish strategies to avoid auto accidents.