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What’s Different About Trucking Accidents?

Most people think of truck accident litigation as being pretty much the same as car accident or other motor vehicle accident litigation, only with trucks. However, there is a lot more to it than that. Truck accident cases present significant challenges and roadblocks not present in other forms of plaintiff litigation. Make sure your attorney has specific experience handling this type of case.

At DiLoreto, Cosentino & Bolinger, we have the experience and knowledge to handle complex truck accidents, and to win. Serving clients in Chambersburg, Franklin County and throughout central Pennsylvania, our attorneys understand the unique challenges involved in these types of cases, and we know how to protect your interests to make sure you get the best compensation award available.

Helping Clients Win In Complex Truck Accident Litigation

Whereas an individual who causes an accident could lose individual money and most of the coverage would come from the insurance company, a trucking company has a lot more to lose in vehicle accident litigation. They have deeper pockets and the result of losing lawsuits could be disastrous for trucking companies.

Further, truck accidents usually involve very serious injuries and property loss. Most injuries are catastrophic, including brain and spinal cord injuries, and are often fatal. Serious injuries usually involve lifelong medical care and potentially significant emotional therapy and care. Our lawyers know how to calculate the damages for present medical care and the lifelong care that you will need. We will do everything possible to make sure you receive full and fair compensation for the full extent of the damages.

Another complication arises from the many laws and regulations involved in the trucking industry. We understand the laws regulating weight limits, time limits for drivers, logbooks and other record-keeping requirements, hiring and firing policies for trucking companies, truck maintenance requirements, and other important regulations. Our attorneys combine this knowledge with dedicated investigation and research to make sure we’re building strong winning cases for our clients.

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