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How can grass clippings be dangerous for motorcycle riders?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents

Now that the warmer months of the year are here, motorcyclists are going to be out enjoying the open road far more often. At the same time, more people will be taking care of yardwork. While it might not seem like those to activities are connected by anything except the fact that they’re outdoors and more common when the weather is nice, they are actually intertwined.

People doing work in their yards can play a major role in keeping motorcyclists safe. One thing that people working in their yards must be careful about is where they shoot grass clippings because those can be dangerous for motorcyclists.

Why are grass clippings dangerous?

When grass clippings get wet, even just damp from morning dew, they become very slippery. This doesn’t cause much of an issue for cars and trucks, but it can cause conditions that are similar to ice when a motorcycle drives over the clippings.

Loss of traction on grass clippings can lead to motorcyclists being thrown off their bikes. When this happens, they may be struck by vehicles behind them or oncoming traffic, depending on where they land.

Some motorcyclists might attempt to swerve to avoid the grass clippings that are in the road. This can potentially put them in a perilous situation, especially if they veer into oncoming traffic.

Motorcycle crashes can lead to serious injuries for a motorcyclist, which can mean costly medical bills. These victims might choose to seek compensation from a party who’s liable for their crash, possibly including anyone who may have sprayed grass clippings into the road.


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