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Are there really any “minor” car accidents?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2014 | Car Accidents

We often differentiate between car and truck accidents, with some being seen as “minor” while others are deemed “serious.” We all understand the tragic of a serious accident, where the victims die and their families are left with the pain and emptiness of their death and the prospect of potentially years of litigation in an attempt to obtain compensation and lost earnings for the loss of their husband, wife, mother or father.

But even those involved in a minor car accident, they may have reason to wonder at times, what was so minor about it. A lawsuit has been filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in what may appear to be such a minor car and truck accident. 

The driver of delivery truck is accused of negligently traveling at high speed and crashing into a line of stopped cars waiting at a red traffic light. The crash occurred in Darby back in November of 2012.

A woman and her daughter claim they suffered permanent injuries. The mother suffered back and spine injuries, mental anguish and lost income because of the injuries. The daughter’s injuries are serious enough to compromise her quality of life.

This was a minor accident. No one was killed, and both of the victims escaped life threatening or catastrophic injuries, such as paraplegia or traumatic brain injuries.

But this case, which has taken almost 18 months to be filed, could take months or years to complete, depending on how aggressively the trucking company and its insurance company defend the case.

No doubt, some of the time was required simply to determine the extent of the woman’s injuries. You never want to settle an accident claim too early, before the full extent of the injuries have been diagnosed.

When it comes to car accidents resulting in injuries, even a minor accident is not so minor.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Family sues delivery truck driver for causing chain reaction car accident,” May 21, 2014 


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