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July 2014 Archives

Simulator allows teen drivers to experience car accident

Driving is dangerous, in part, because it is so common. This causes both a great deal of exposure, and leads to habituation by drivers. At the same time, for many younger drivers, there is a lack of experience with handling various road conditions and situations, which leaves them at risk of making critical errors while operating a vehicle.

And you thought applying for SSDI was complex

Taxpayers expect that when they spend almost $300 million on a project, they should receive something in return. The project of upgrading the Social Security Administration's computer system used for processing Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) applications has used close to $300 million and six years and is still not complete.

Safety tips for Pennsylvania motorcyclists

Among the most deadly of all motor vehicle accidents are those involving motorcycles. With no airbags, seatbelts or protective frames; frequently the body of a motorcycle rider or passenger is the collision impact point. Consequently, those impacted often suffer devastating injuries including brain injuries, lost limbs, crushed or broken bones, burns and road rash.

Police say officers were not responding to call prior to crash

When it comes to traffic laws, we expect that police, more so than anyone else, would follow the law and stop at stop signs. We believe this because if we did not stop at a stop sign and a police officer saw us, he or she would pull us over and issue a ticket. Of course, if officers are responding to an emergency, it makes sense for them to ignore traffic laws and enter an intersection without stopping, but they would give other motorists fair warning with either a siren, lights or both.

SSA compassionate allowances help when time is of the essence

There are two things about Social Security Disability benefits that applicants should understand. The first is that it can be a long process. The second is that it may not have to be.