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We may soon see a texting “radar gun” to curb distracted driving

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2014 | Car Accidents

Driving is a complex task that demands all of a motorist’s attention. Failure to do so can lead to catastrophic consequences, from accidents that leave their victims suffering life-long injuries to those that cause the deaths of one or more of those involved.

Distracted driving has become an increased concern, brought about by the widespread use of cellphones in motor vehicles. The distraction that is caused by phone use and texting is worrisome because of its pervasiveness and how completely it can cause a driver to lose focus and lead their loss of control and a car accident

This has prompted laws to be passed and penalties to be created. But one problem with laws like those in Pennsylvania and throughout much of the nation, is that enforcement is difficult.

On occasion a State Trooper or local law enforcement may witness a driver who is obviously looking down at a phone, or who is slow to leave an intersection after a light changes.

They may be able to stop a driver while texting and driving, but in many cases the officer will not be able to identify with enough certainty their behavior to justify a traffic stop.

If only there were some technology that would allow law enforcement to identify illegal use of cellphones for texting, enforcement could become a much more effective deterrent for texting and driving behavior.

According to a recent report, such technology may be nearing production. A company claims it has device that can distinguish between phone calls and texts. If this technology actually becomes available and is reliable enough to permit use by the police, instead of speed traps, you may see “text traps” being used to prevent drivers from texting behind the wheel.

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