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October 2014 Archives

Sleeping driver's crash caught on video

Have you ever been driving behind a car or truck in or around Chambersburg and thought to yourself, "What is going on with that driver?" Maybe they are driving slow, then they speed up, or perhaps they go and pass your vehicle well above the speed limit. Or they are weaving all over the road, from the shoulder to the opposite lane.

That hayride may be scarier than you expect

Fall is a great time for outdoor activities, as temperatures moderate and humidity drops, and after a frost here in Pennsylvania, the bug population may not be as bothersome. Going to apple orchards, corn mazes and hayrides, haunted or not, can make for a great way to spend a weekend afternoon or evening.

It is easy to underestimate the complexity of a SSDI claim

Most people never expect to become disabled. They go about their working career, hoping they can remain employed or working for that next promotion. They may have heard about other people on disability of one form or another, but they are busy with their work and their family, and they don't have the time to learn much about a program that they never expect to use.

When a distracted driver is a distracted truck driver

When we think about distracted drivers around Chambersburg, our first thought may be of a teen driver. Teens have grown up never knowing a world without cellphones and texts. They rarely make voice calls and much prefer texting in most situations.

If you have HIV/AIDS, you may qualify for SSDI and SSI benefits

One of the great values of the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program is that it encompasses a wide variety of medical conditions that can prevent an individual from working. You may have suffered a sudden injury from a car accident or a recreational injury, like a diving accident that damages your spine or suffering a traumatic brain injury from an ATV rollover.

Headed for a fall

With the beginning of October, a chill in the air returns to Pennsylvania. The days grow shorter, and the number of risks that drivers face increase. As you drive in and around Chambersburg, you need to remember that the long days of summer, with dry payment and ample daylight are gone, and you need to readjust your driving habits.

Did someone forget a guardrail?

A student at Penn State died this week when the van he was driving for a local hotel in State College struck a highway signpost. The driver was a Penn State senior and was returning to the hotel in Innovation Park on East Park Avenue when his vehicle missed the exit ramp and hit a large post holding a highway sign that spanned the width of East Park Avenue.