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November 2014 Archives

Head-on collision kills 21-year-old Chambersburg man

When tragic incidents occur to Chambersburg residents, it is only natural that individuals want to find out who is responsible for the incident. This is not only important to gain an understanding of what happened, but also to hold those who are responsible accountable for their actions.

Sleeping truck driver crashes, kills two motorists

Drowsy driving does not always receive as much publicity as it deserves. It may be even more insidious than drunk driving. To become intoxicated, you have to intentionally go to a bar or restaurant and order alcoholic drinks. Or if you are at home, you have to at least pour yourself a drink, or three. And then you have to intentionally get behind the wheel and attempt to drive somewhere.

Deer crashes through Chambersburg driver's car windshield

We have noted before that November is a dangerous month for car-deer collisions in Pennsylvania, and that point was reinforced this weekend when a young woman was rendered unconscious after her car struck a deer on the Warm Springs Road just outside Chambersburg.

SSDI judges: how big a problem?

The Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) program is large. There are millions of recipients of SSDI benefits and the system pays out billions of dollars every year. None of this is surprising. The appeals process for SSDI benefits is cumbersome and slow and as we discussed a few weeks ago, carries a massive backlog.

Your last motorcycle ride?

While the weather no longer looks like motorcycle riding season, all drivers should remain alert. There are always motorcycle riders who want to claim that the rode their cycle in November or December. Just last weekend, a rider was killed in a motorcycle crash in Somerset when a drunk driver turned in front of him on Main Street.

Seemingly trivial accident still leaves AG with concussion

Car accidents are brutal in many aspects. They leave millions injured, and tens of thousands dead every year. But, they are unfailingly democratic. It does not matter how rich or how poor, if you are powerful or not very powerful at all, if you drive or ride in an automobile, you could be involved in a car accident.

First time DUI interlock law stuck in PA House

Drunk driving is bad. One can describe it in many more ways, but at its core, it is simply bad. It is so insidiously dangerous, because it both leaves a person with diminished ability to operate a motor vehicle and it enables it to happen by reducing one's capacity to recognize that one has that reduced ability.

SSDI appeals carry a massive backlog

Even by the standards of the federal government, the backlog for appeals involving applications for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits is daunting. According to a Washington Post story, it is within a few thousand cases of reaching 1,000,000 cases. They calculated it as being at 990,399 cases.

Pennsylvania State Trooper severely injured in collision

For Pennsylvania State Police, one of the riskiest jobs they perform may be one of the most mundane and uninteresting. When debris is on the road, from either a car or truck collision or items that have fallen off a bed of a truck or trailer, it is often a State Police Trooper who responds to clean up the mess.