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April 2015 Archives

Does Congress really want to help disabled workers?

One of the complaints made against the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program is that it does not do enough to help those who are able to return to work. This is somewhat of a disingenuous assertion, because SSDI requires application to have been out of work for 12 months and for the medical condition or illness that has caused their disability to be unlikely to improve.

Truck accident kills truck driver

We often note that when truck accidents occur, the driver of a passenger vehicle is likely to receive the worst of the crash. The size differential of a large truck is such that it often causes terrible damage to a car, pickup or SUV, while emerging with comparatively little damage. And truck drivers have a lower fatality rate in these accident than the occupant of the smaller vehicle.

Truck tire blowouts tied to excessive truck speed

You may think that the greatest limit on the speed of your vehicle is the power produced by the engine. You know that the faster velocity, the more horsepower you need to overcome resistance from the air and the weight of your car or truck. But there is another limit, which you hope never to encounter, that of the speed rating of your tires.

Legislation may defund motorcycle checkpoints

There are few more controversial topics among bikers than mandatory helmet laws. Through the early 1980s, states across the country made wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle mandatory, as a means of improving the chances of a rider in the event of an accident.

Trooper faces "long road" in recovering from crash injuries

Car accidents range from deadly to trivial. While the fatal motor vehicle accidents grab the headlines, and rightly so, there are millions of non-fatal crashes in the U.S. and thousands of those crashes in Pennsylvania, and which leave victims who survive, but may never be the same.

Are drivers lying about their texting?

Probably. In recent years, we have all seen the various campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers of cell phone use in motor vehicles in general and texting in particular. Cellphone use possess a uniquely satisfying attribute, in that it fulfills a basic human desire for a "reward," and receiving emails and texts provides that type of a "hit." 

I-81 crash causes three fatalities near Greencastle

Driving along on the interstate can be sometimes somewhat soothing. The lack of stoplights and in rural parts of the country, even few interchanges can leave your mind with little to think about beyond keeping your car between the solid line on one side and the dotted line on the other side of your vehicle.

Think distracted driving caused your crash? Prove it

Yesterday we posted about teen drivers and distracted driving. A recent study found that teenage drivers change clothes, put on makeup and even do their homework while driving, showing that they may not fully understand the risks associated with being distracted behind the wheel. Unfortunately, their behavior can cause serious injuries to other motorists.

Study shows teen drivers may not understand risks of distraction

When it comes to driving, teens in Pennsylvania are at a bit of a disadvantage. As with any other skill, it takes time and practice to improve. With no more than a few years under their belts, it is certainly not surprising that many teens are not as road-savvy as adults.

We help injured workers understand their rights and options

The prior posts in our Franklin County personal injury law blog have focused on workplace accidents, specifically those involving scaffolding or other heavy or dangerous machinery. After workplace accidents of this type, injured employees are often left with serious medical expenses, forced to take significant time off work and have experienced a great deal of pain and suffering. 

What does OSHA look for after an accident with heavy machinery?

Scaffolding accidents have been the topic of the last few posts in our Chambersburg personal injury law blog. We focused on an accident involving a scaffolding collapse that left three workers dead and another with serious injuries. We mentioned that inadequate education and training could make even safe devices unsafe for workers.

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  1. $5.5 Million

    Settlement for spinal injury caused by delivery company's negligent vehicle maintenance

  2. $5 Million

    Settlement for traumatic brain injury

  3. $1.2 Million

    Settlement (Liability insurance limits) for death claim arising out of tractor trailer collision

  4. $1 Million

    Settlement for closed head injury/facial fractures due to negligent construction site practices

  5. $1 Million

    Arbitration award in death claim arising out of motor vehicle collision

  6. $1 Million

    Total workers' compensation settlement for injured worker who suffered orthopedic injuries and additional GI injuries due to prescription medications.

  7. $1 Million

    Policy limits recovered for head injury sustained by the user of unsafe rental equipment.

  8. $890,000

    Settlement for head injury of injured worker caused by negligent operation of equipment by a non-employer contractor on the job site.

  9. $875,000

    Settlement for ankle injury due to negligent dump truck operation

  10. $675,000

    Settlement for bilateral wrist injuries caused by the negligent operation of a tractor-trailer.

  11. $600,000

    Settlement for statutory cap of $500,000 for wrongful death of a worker who was killed when struck by a government-owned vehicle as well as policy limit for underinsured motorist coverage.

  12. $$450,000

    Workers' compensation settlement for a nurse who sustained a low back injury requiring multiple surgeries.

  13. $375,000

    Settlement for knee injury sustained in a motor vehicle collision with contested liability.

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