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May 2015 Archives

Options for cancer patients who are unable to work

Cancer is a serious diagnosis that will likely affect every area of life, including employment. When a patient reaches a point where he or she is unable to work due to the side effects of the disease or treatment, there may be options available for financial assistance. Some patients may be eligible for Social Security Disability Income or Supplemental Security Income benefits. 

Wrongful death suit filed against IKEA after tragic accident

A grieving mother has filed a lawsuit against IKEA after the tragic death of her 2-year-old son. The wrongful death claim was filed after the boy was crushed under one of the chain's dressers, and the mother believes that the furniture chain was negligent. Pennsylvania readers will note that the dresser was sold without any anchoring equipment with which to secure it to the wall. 

More traffic expected this Memorial Day holiday

Millions of Americans will be traveling this Memorial Day weekend, and that is just the beginning of what is expected to be a busy summer travel season. With gas prices remaining low, AAA projects that more than 37 million people will travel this weekend at least 50 miles or more. This will make it the busiest Memorial Day in 10 years.

Tragic late-night crash leaves two PA teens dead

Driving is difficult and complex activity made all the more dangerous by our overwhelming familiarity with that very same activity. We grow up in cars, literally, moving from a car seat to a booster seat and finally the driver's seat. Children are at home in cars, often eating, drinking, sleeping and watching video as they shuttled about the town from activity to activity.

Almost half of vehicles exempt from defect reporting

Here's the good news. Cars, in general, are better made and last longer than ever before. This means there are more older vehicles on the road. Now for the bad news. Defects involving those older vehicles do not have to be reported because of an arbitrary 10-year cutoff within the reporting law.

Testing tests for SSDI determinations

SSDI is an expensive program. And while everyone is concerned about the cost of the program and how to reduce those costs, especially in light of the impending exhaustion of the SSDI trust fund in 2016, there is often an implicit assumption behind the idea that costs can be cut.

Some DUIs need more than jail time

Car accidents caused by drunk drivers remain a threat to every driver in Pennsylvania, and no matter where or when they driver. While some times, like weekend nights and major holidays, present an increased risk, there are probably a surprisingly large number of intoxicated drivers on the roads of the state no matter when you are reading this post.

No surprises here: more distracted drivers on PA

The courts in Pennsylvania have reported that they are seeing more citations for texting while driving than in previous years in spite of the statewide ban enacted in 2012. Slightly more than 1,400 drivers were cited last year for texting law violations. Nationwide, more than 3,000 individuals died in car accidents that involved distracted drivers.

A coffee cup, a parrot and a guardrail

In recent years, concerns over cellphone use and texting have become prominent, as insurance companies, police and politicians have become worried over Americas love affair with portable electronic devices. Cellphone, and more worryingly, smartphones provide for a special distraction that is problematic.