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Addressing funeral costs after fatal crashes in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2015 | Wrongful Death

Pennsylvania roads are shared by motorists and pedestrians on a daily basis. When accidents occur, tragedies often result, sometimes causing families to suffer the untimely deaths of loved ones. It may be helpful to know that successfully litigated wrongful death claims can result in monetary judgments to cover funeral costs and other financial losses associated with fatal crashes.

The dedicated legal professionals at DiLoreto, Cosentino & Bolinger P.C. are experienced in guiding clients through the legal process of seeking compensation for damages when an immediate family member has died due to a motorist’s negligence. The shock of losing a loved one in a motor vehicle accident can make it difficult and stressful for anyone wishing to obtain justice. Allowing a seasoned attorney to act as one’s legal advocate removes some of the burden and provides more time to focus on family and recovery.

At DiLoreto, Cosentino & Bolinger P.C., we understand that no amount of compensation can ever begin to replace the loss of a loved one. However, we are prepared to help you obtain the restitution you deserve for damages so that you may have the necessary resources to pay your bills and move forward in life without being burdened by debt from the accident. We are committed to offering sound legal counsel and effective representation to help you seek justice.

Psychological anguish, medical bills, lost wages, loss of consortium and funeral costs are among the damages typically included in a wrongful death claim. A first step in the process is to arrange a consultation by contacting our Pennsylvania office by phone or through the electronic form accessible on our website. Our service is contingency based, which  means that you pay no fees unless our litigation proves successful on your behalf.


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