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Preventing motor vehicle accidents caused by teen drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2016 | Car Accidents

Pennsylvania readers likely know that teen drivers are inexperienced, immature and often unable to effectively handle the sudden hazards that can present themselves to drivers. Considering this, parents should be overly concerned with how their kids drive, teaching them important safety measures and educating them on how to prevent motor vehicle accidents. This is important as statistics indicate that the ages of 16 and 17 are the most dangerous because of driving.

One of the main dangers to teenagers behind the wheel are other passengers in the car. Another person in the vehicle can be extremely distracting, causing the driver to lose focus and increasing the chance of a car accident. Adding just one passenger who is not a family member in the vehicle increases accident risk by 44 percent and increases with each subsequent passenger.

As many readers probably know, distracted driving is one of the greatest dangers faced by Pennsylvania drivers. This is particularly true for teen drivers, who tend to use their devices several times per trip, even when traveling just a short distance. For drivers of any age, using a phone or other device behind the wheel dramatically increases the chance of an accident.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are properly trained and ready to drive when they get behind the wheel. When teens are involved in motor vehicle accidents that cause harm to other drivers, the parents or the owner of the vehicle could be financially liable for any damages. Victims should seek the opinion of an experienced attorney regarding their legal options and the possibility of financial compensation.


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