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Compensation for exploding appliances

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2016 | Product Liability

What happens if your washing machine explodes and causes you serious injuries? Thankfully, this is a question most people never have to ask, but if it comes up, you will need to know what to do.

If you have suffered serious injuries from a malfunctioning appliance or other item, you deserve to be compensated for all the injury expenses and other losses you suffer. The process of winning a premises liability claim can be complex, requiring the expertise of an experienced attorney. Learn how to obtain compensation in a product liability claim.

How do product liability claims work?

The recent PennRecord story of a potential class action suit is a common example of how these cases can proceed.

The reported lawsuit involves a number of people who have either suffered injuries and/or significant property damage as a result of a malfunctioning Samsung washing machine.

According to PennRecord, the lawsuit “alleges breach of implied warranty, design defect, failure to warn, negligence and product liability”, which covers almost all of the possible allegations in a product liability claim.

When a company puts a product up for sale, that company is responsible for the safety of that product, and when a product malfunctions and harms someone, a personal injury plaintiff can allege:

  • Design defect – when there is something inherent in the design that increases the probability of harmful malfunctioning
  • Manufacturing defect – when the design itself is good, but the manufacturer cuts corners or uses cheaper materials in the production of the product in a way that increases risk
  • Failure to warn – when a retailer fails to use proper manuals and warning labels to inform buyers of the risks inherent in certain products

How Can You Get Compensation?

If you have been hurt by a defective product, the most important thing you can do is discuss your case with an experienced product liability attorney. Call a lawyer to discuss your cases today.


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