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What role does third-party liability play in a manufacturing accident?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Many individuals mistakenly think that work injuries only happen in the most physically challenging occupations such as construction work, mining and first responders. Unfortunately, nearly any shift in almost any occupation carries the risk of injury whether it is toxic exposure, repetitive stress or slip-and-falls. Additionally, it is not uncommon for an entity outside your own organization to cause these accidents and resulting injuries. When an injured worker seeks monetary compensation from a party other than their employer, this is known as a third-party claim.

Workers in numerous factories and production facilities face dangerous environments. Whether it is the potential of a crush injury while working with huge industrial machinery or chemical burns if a component on the automated assembly line malfunctions, these injuries are often devastating. In many instances, however, these accidents were likely caused by individuals outside the company. These third-party claims can stem from countless factors, including:

  • Contractors incorrectly installing machinery on the factory floor
  • Contractors or techs failing to properly clean or service industrial machinery
  • The product designer or installer failed to account for issues in your unique environment
  • Manufacturers or distributors of toxic substances fail to provide storage units that are free from contamination or leaks
  • Manufacturers of safety equipment provide faulty or defective gear, or the safety instructions and guidelines are simply incorrect

Additionally, numerous factors can lead to third-party liability injuries such as motor vehicle accidents caused by delivery drivers or unstable product stacked by vendors. When an outside organization or contractor causes a hazardous work situation, safety experts call this third-party liability. In addition to traditional workers’ compensation benefits, injured employees could seek to hold a third party liable for their negligence through the legal system.


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