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How can you avoid a winter crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

The next few months will likely see some hazardous driving conditions due to the winter weather. It’s probable that plenty of crashes will occur because of this.

If another driver injures you in a crash, the other driver might blame the weather. Is this a valid excuse?

No, because winter comes every year

Drivers should prepare their vehicles for it. Failing to do so or failing to adapt to the conditions on the day amounts to negligence. If you can prove it, you should be able to hold them responsible for any injuries you suffer.

Here is how drivers can prepare:

  • Change their ties to ones with adequate grip for the conditions they are likely to encounter. Not everyone needs snow chains, but someone who lives up a steep hill might.
  • Top up windscreen washer fluids, and replace worn wiper blades.

Here is how drivers can adapt their driving to the conditions

Slow down if visibility is poor, such as when snow falls, or the surface is slippery due to snow or ice. Anticipate where the ice will lie longest and consider changing your route. For example, a country road with a roadside drain that tends to flood could freeze overnight and stay frozen longer than main roads with more traffic.

Busy roads are typically gritted more frequently and cleared first. The heat from vehicle engines also helps melt snow. Less busy roads may hold snow much longer.

If someone injures you in a winter crash, seek legal help to understand if they failed to prepare or adjust for the conditions. Showing that is the case could help you get the compensation you need.


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