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$78 Million Grant Will Help Fix One Of The Most Dangerous Roads In Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Car Accidents

Although crashes can occur anywhere, some streets experience far more collisions than others. Researchers frequently evaluate where collisions occur and also how severe each crash is to determine the best ways to promote improved public safety. Sometimes, making changes to the design of an intersection or on-ramp for a highway can significantly reduce the likelihood of more collisions occurring at a specific location. Identifying high-risk locations is a first step toward improving public safety on the road.

Recently, crash data has led to an influx in funding for a particularly dangerous street here in Pennsylvania. Concerns about safety on a specific Philadelphia boulevard have led to a 7$8 million federal grant.

What will the grant help address?

Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia is one of the most dangerous roads in the state, as it sees a large number of collisions. Researchers believe that at least 75 people have died on the street since 2016, and 41% of those deaths involved pedestrians. At least 119 other people suffered significant injuries on this road. It is a 12-lane boulevard that stretches for 14 miles, and reworking the street will be a challenge.

The United States Department of Transportation will provide a $78 million grant to redesign intersections, update traffic signals to more modern units, install median barriers, add designated bus lanes and build pedestrian refuge islands where those attempting to cross the 12-lane road can stop to shield themselves from traffic.

At the end of this multi-year project, pedestrians and motorists on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia will have a lower risk of injury and death.

Many parties contribute to the likelihood of a crash

The Roosevelt Boulevard project is an excellent example of how many different parties can potentially influence the likelihood of a collision. Most legal action after a crash involves holding a driver accountable, but there are other parties that may have partial liability for a collision as well.

Vehicle manufacturers sometimes face lawsuits over poor design and defective components. Local authorities and even property owners could potentially have partial liability if crashes occur because of bad planning or poor property maintenance. Those harmed in major collisions may need to look at every option they have, including civil lawsuits in addition to basic insurance claims.

Learning more about why car crashes occur and how people try to prevent them can help to keep conscientious motorists safer on Pennsylvania roads.


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