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How Can AI Prevent Traffic Accidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2023 | Car Accidents

Applications for artificial intelligence (AI) have dominated the technology news cycle in recent months. Since the release of the newest version of Chat GPT software and the introduction of several user interfaces for the production of AI artwork and photographs, public interest in this incredible form of technology has exploded.

Although creative systems get the most attention, some of the most promising uses for AI include the public safety and medical fields. Researchers already believe that AI could play a major role in improving the safety of people on the road. How could artificial intelligence potentially reduce the risk of people getting into crashes?

AI can gather and analyze more data

With more municipalities investing in traffic cameras to monitor the flow of vehicles on major thoroughfares and at busy intersections, there is a glut of information about how people behave. AI is capable of analyzing that huge amount of information in a way that human beings typically cannot.

AI can review individual traffic camera feeds and also the information gleaned from those cameras to confirm important details, such as how many motorists exceed the speed limit or perform a rolling stop at busy intersections. In the future, AI could potentially play a role in managing traffic and even helping with vehicle operations.

AI could take over a vehicle and potentially slow it down or stop it if a computer system within a vehicle notices a risk factor that the driver did not, like a child who stepped out into the street. AI could also potentially help quickly redirect traffic by controlling traffic signals when collisions and other incidents occur on public roads.

Human error is a leading cause of crashes

AI is so useful in part because it can more accurately and quickly analyze information than humans. It can also potentially adapt and learn over time, which might mean that AI can come up with solutions for traffic safety issues that humans have not yet identified.

As car makers and those putting together smart grid systems for municipalities embrace AI, this cutting-edge technology could very well help save lives and protect people from catastrophic injuries. In the meantime, drivers need to make safety a priority on the road. Understanding how human error leads to many car crashes may inspire some people to be more diligent at the wheel while society waits for AI to advance beyond its current capacity.



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