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Why it’s so hard to avoid driving distractions

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2023 | Car Accidents

It’s very clear that driving distractions cause car accidents. It is sometimes hard to count the percentage of accidents that can be linked to distraction, in part because it may be difficult to prove. But there’s no question about the fact that it can lead to accidents and that it increases the risks people face on the road.

You may think that people should just avoid distractions and focus on driving. In an ideal world, this is true, but it’s harder than you think. Part of the reason for this is that there are just so many potential distractions.

Starting with the cellphone

Phones are one of the major sources of distraction for drivers, beginning with making calls or sending and receiving text messages. But the phone can also be used to stream audiobooks or music or to set up a destination in a GPS. Since phones have so many different functions, there’s always the potential for distraction, even for drivers who intentionally avoid texting and driving.

Interior distractions

Additionally, there are many more distracting elements that may be in the car with you. Every time that you have to adjust the mirrors or the seat, that’s a distraction. Any time that you talk to a passenger or listen to one of your children say something from the backseat, that’s also a distraction. Many drivers try to be safe but are still distracted by things that are relatively out of their control.

Exterior distractions

Finally, things outside of the car can be a distraction and cause an accident. One common example of this is when drivers gawk at an accident that has already happened, look at the emergency vehicles, and then rear-end another car as traffic slows down.

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