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How To Report Potholes In Chambersburg

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Personal Injury

Potholes, roadway depressions caused by weather exposure or heavy use, are more than a mere nuisance—they are a threat to public safety. Many serious vehicle accidents occur when motorists encounter or try to avoid potholes.

Unfortunately, potholes plague drivers everywhere, and victims want to know who is liable when they lead to an accident. Under certain conditions, it may be the government who bears the responsibility.

How can potholes cause a crash?

Potholes can be small, large, hidden or exposed. If you see one in time, you may succeed in avoiding a mishap. If filled with water or obscured by debris, you may not have time to judge the danger and take appropriate measures, resulting in a crash, property damage and possible injuries.

Specific reasons pothole-related crashes may occur include:

  • Impact with a pothole causes loss of vehicle control
  • An attempt to avoid a road depression causes a multi-car collision
  • Another party loses control due to a pothole and collides with your vehicle

Property damage can be extensive (and injuries severe) in a pothole accident. It is critical to uncover the at-fault party to maximize your compensation.

When is the government at fault?

State and local governments are responsible for maintaining roadways, including the repair of potholes. If they fail in this duty and you get hurt, you may have grounds to seek damages from the entity charged with road upkeep in your area of Pennsylvania.

You have the right to report potholes by calling the Chambersburg Borough at any time around the clock. If the Borough fails to effect repairs and you suffer harm, legal guidance can be a beneficial resource in helping you obtain fair compensation.


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