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How Will Cable Median Barriers Make Roads Safer Around Franklin County?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2023 | Car Accidents

Staying safe on the roads requires a multi-faceted approach. One option that’s often used is high-tension cables that are placed on divided roadways. PennDot is currently adding a total of 29 miles of high-tension cable barriers in the medians of various roads in the state, including:

  • Route 222 in Lancaster County
  • Route 30 in Lancaster and York counties
  • Interstate 81 in Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin and Lebanon counties

These cable barriers provide an added layer of security to our transportation systems. By understanding how they function and appreciating their role, we can better see how they contribute to road safety. Let’s look at two advantages provided by these barriers.

Prevent crossover accidents

One of the most dangerous and often fatal types of accidents is a crossover collision, where a vehicle leaves its lane and crashes into oncoming traffic. Cable barriers are specifically designed to mitigate this risk. Their flexible nature allows them to absorb the impact of a wayward vehicle, slowing it down and redirecting it back onto the road or safely off to the side.

Minimize damage to vehicles and injuries to occupants

In the event of a collision with a barrier, the cables’ ability to yield and absorb energy translates to less damage to the vehicle and potentially fewer injuries to the occupants. Unlike rigid barriers, cable barriers flex upon impact, reducing the force transferred to the vehicle and its occupants. This reduction of force can make the difference between life and death in many scenarios.

Despite the presence of these cables, it’s still possible that motorists will be involved in a crash. Getting urgent medical care and seeking compensation are often priorities for victims of these crashes.


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