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Why Is “Delivery Driver” One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs In The U.S.?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2023 | Personal Injury

When people think of the most dangerous jobs in the nation, delivery work usually doesn’t make the list. Many young adults get delivery jobs when they first get cars, and many professionals moonlight for delivery services to make extra money partially because this kind of job is perceived as a relatively safe way to make cash. Still, after careful consideration and a review of workplace injury data, the dangers of delivery driving are hard to deny.

Some of the risks associated with delivery work are quite obvious. Delivery drivers are on the road for almost their entire shift, which means that they are at far greater risk of a crash based on the number of miles that they travel than the average person. They also often need to navigate unfamiliar areas, which also increases their collision risk.

In addition to the possibility of a collision, delivery drivers could get hurt if they trip dropping off a package or get attacked by a dog on someone’s front lawn. There are a host of risks that make delivery work relatively dangerous. However, in recent years, one factor, in particular, has made delivery work an increasingly dangerous profession.

Criminals have started to target delivery drivers

Delivery work has become so dangerous because of the possibility of other people attacking the delivery driver, stealing their cargo or even stealing their vehicle. The number of planned and opportunistic crimes targeting delivery drivers in recent years has substantially increased.

Planned crimes can be relatively complex and might involve scenarios such as fraudulent grocery deliveries for liquor where someone ends up robbed. Other times, thieves might follow a delivery driver, waiting for them to leave their vehicle running on the street, only to hop into it at drive away. Opportunistic crimes might include snatching a few packages or robbing a delivery worker on their way back to a vehicle.

Theft crimes are only the beginning of the risk that drivers face. There have been reported assaults and even homicides involving delivery drivers in recent years. Those working for big package delivery companies are vulnerable, and so are independent contractors dropping off meals and grocery deliveries.

Crime can cause a multitude of challenges. An assault or robbery during a delivery job can cause a lot of complications. Someone might face a mandatory leave of absence from work or be unable to work because of their injuries or psychological trauma. They might have major property damage losses or injuries that force them to stop doing delivery work and might leave them unable to work at all.

Those working delivery-based jobs can protect themselves by learning about the risks that they face and also knowing about their options for compensation if they do end up hurt while working.


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