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3 dangers of working in warehouses 

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

People who work in warehouses are essential for the economy. Working in a warehouse isn’t many people’s first pick, but it often pays well. 

Workers should, however, be aware that the job does come with some dangers. here’s what you should know:

1. Forklift injuries

When used by someone untrained and inexperienced, forklifts can go from useful tools to deadly machines. Forklift accidents are often similar to other motor vehicle accidents. A forklift collision, for example, could cause victims to suffer severe head and spine injuries.

Forklifts are especially dangerous to people walking on warehouse floors. A forklift crash could hurt them a lot more since they have no protective gear. Furthermore, the prongs on forklifts may cause serious puncture wounds.

Forklift operators also have to be careful of tip-overs. A forklift could tip over if the operator is misusing it or lifting shipments that are beyond the safe lifting weight. 

2. Chemical exposure

Many shipments contain contents that are dangerous to workers. These shipments should indicate whether the continents have dangerous chemicals. However, that doesn’t mean an accident could happen.

A crate could be damaged during shipment or handling and leak dangerous chemicals. Employees who handle these chemicals without proper safety gear could risk exposure.

People exposed to dangerous chemicals could suffer from burns, rashes and respiratory illnesses. Sometimes workers exposed to dangerous chemicals don’t immediately develop symptoms but, instead, develop illnesses later in life.

3. Slip-and-fall accidents 

A worker could suffer a slip-and-fall accident for many reasons. Many warehouses have slick surfaces because of leaks, spills or oils. An employee could also slip and fall if there are loose wires or overturned rugs. 

A slip and fall can cause employees to suffer head and spine injuries. A head injury could lead to a concussion or skull fracture. A spine injury could cause a hernia or paralysis. 

Employees injured on the job or develop work-related illnesses can benefit from workers’ compensation benefits. Injured workers who apply for workers’ comp may receive medical benefits and lost wage payments.


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