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July 2013 Archives

Running of stop sign results in injuries to child

Failing to pay attention to traffic control signs, including stop signs, can result in car accidents. Such was the case in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, recently, when a driver making a left-hand turn ran a stop sign and was broadsided by another car. A third vehicle crashed into the passenger side of the vehicle that hit the turning car.

More than 2 dozen face recovery after bus accident

Sometimes, the cause of an accident isn't immediately known. Accident investigators are left to try to determine whether the cause was due to some sort of negligent action on the part of a driver or whether the accident occurred due to a defective product. This was the case recently with a bus accident on Interstate 95.

DUI suspected in Middle Paxton Township car accident

Authorities believe that alcohol may have been a factor in a recent fatal car accident in Middle Paxton Township. The early morning accident happened when a driver went the wrong way on the road, heading westbound in the eastbound lanes, and collided head-on into another vehicle. The wrong-way driver was injured and flown to a nearby hospital. The driver of the other vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene.