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May 2014 Archives

Truck crash closes I-81 outside Chambersburg for hours

When you are driving along the highway near Chambersburg, say U.S.30 or I-81, and you are traveling next to a semi truck, you may not even give it a second thought. After all, when driving those roads for any distance, you would likely see dozens, if not hundreds of tractor-trailers.

Drowsy driving accidents have increased in Eastern Pennsylvania

Operating a car is a complex task and demands your full attention. One reason why drunk driving is so deadly and why there has been a decade's long campaign by law enforcement and other highway safety groups is that alcohol not only impairs your cognitive and motor reflexes that you rely on for safe operation of a motor vehicle, but it impairs your ability to recognize that you are impaired.

Are there really any "minor" car accidents?

We often differentiate between car and truck accidents, with some being seen as "minor" while others are deemed "serious." We all understand the tragic of a serious accident, where the victims die and their families are left with the pain and emptiness of their death and the prospect of potentially years of litigation in an attempt to obtain compensation and lost earnings for the loss of their husband, wife, mother or father.

Don't make Memorial Day too memorable

Pennsylvania endured what may have been the worst winter in living memory for many people, and so with Memorial Day marking the start of summer, or at least the summer driving season, many are ready to get on the road and go somewhere, anywhere. And those people will have a lot of company, as the AAA is estimating the highest traffic count since the recession, with an expected 31.8 million drivers on the roads.

Or is it that other SSDI judges don't approve enough?

Scandal always makes good news copy. Even if there isn't one. In fact, a scandal that relies on innuendo and implication is the best kind of all, because it can never be refuted. Much has been made of the Social Security Administration's (SSA) disability program. It has grown large and costs billions every year, and much of that growth is the result of demographics and the aging of the American workforce. Yet many would like to imply that the growth is really caused by fraud.

Fiery truck accident on Pennsylvania interstate leaves three dead

Few accidents are more frightening to the average driver than those that occur during a traffic slow down on an interstate highway. Many things can cause a car or truck accident, but those involving significant speed differentials between vehicles or structures can be the deadliest. The combined approach speed is why head-on crashes frequently cause fatalities.

Tires falling off vehicles are rarely accidents

We call them accidents. Car accidents. Truck accidents. Accidents. The generic implication of the word accident is that it was not intentional. But of course, we all know some accidents are really not accidental. Drunk driving, always has the volitional act of taking that first drink, no matter how lacking in intention to drive into another vehicle head-on and kill all of the occupants.

Fatal crash knocks pedestrian off elevated street

A horrific accident a pedestrian was killed in the University City section of Philadelphia, when a speeding car ran a red light, collided with another vehicle and stuck the traffic signal pole the pedestrian had attempted to climb in an effort to avoid being hit by the careening car.

SSI available for those who have not worked

Social Security is best known for its retirement program, which provides payments to Americans who have reached their retirement age, worked the necessary number of quarters and paid FICA tax. The disability program from the Social Security Administration (SSA) is becoming better known, and the Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) program provides benefits for workers who have developed some medical condition or disease the prevents them from working for at least 12 months.

Motorcycle saves gas, may cost a life

For many people, motorcycles represent freedom. Riding the scenic roads of Pennsylvania, visiting the historic battlefield at Gettysburg, or just tooling along the rolling hills of Lancaster County on a warm weekend. But motorcycles come with a risk. They are the riskiest form of driving. Research has demonstrated that beyond the emotional appeal of riding a motorcycle, there is an economic component.