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August 2014 Archives

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign in place for Labor Day

The Labor Day weekend begins officially at 6 pm tonight in Pennsylvania, and with comes the grim prospect of drunk driving accidents and deaths. The Pennsylvania State Police, local police and PennDOT are all working together in an attempt to minimize those numbers.

Almost half of safety violations are hours of service related

To prevent truck accidents and save lives, truck drivers and trucking companies are subject to a large body of regulations. In the last few years, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the federal agency responsible for trucking safety and a private organization with similar goals, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) have worked together to check on truckers to assess the level of safety compliance across the industry.

Autonomous vehicles would lead to fewer organ donors

As an illustration that every "solution" brings with it additional and often unforeseen, problems, is the suggestion that with driverless, or autonomous automobile (the auto auto?), would radically reduce the number of highway fatalities and would exacerbate the problem of individuals in need of an organ donation.

New 12-year transportation plan approved for Pennsylvania

A new transportation plan in Pennsylvania will allow some major construction projects in the Chambersburg area, including a new interchange on I-81 between Swamp Fox Road and Wayne Avenue, with construction be slated to begin after 2018. Other projects identified in the 12-year plan include maintenance on I-81 towards the Maryland State line, and various other smaller improvements and maintenance on roads in the area.

Can we now predict where car accidents will occur?

When we discuss the topic of traffic accidents, most of the time the "accident" part of the discussion is due the vehicle crashes occurring in unpredictable locations and to random motorists. Of course, in the strictest sense, they are not random. If they were, insurance companies would no ideas on how to price their products. They use mathematical models to determine risk.

Man charged with murder in fatal I-81 car crash

Car crashes can create many legal tangles. In a minor accident, parties may be able to rely on the insurance coverage of the responsible party to handle property damage. When the accident is more severe, you may have to hire an attorney to protect your rights to compensation.

NJ may stop enforcement of out-of-state camera tickets

Most states are always in a tension between how much traffic enforcement they employ and questions of safety. Obviously, if Pennsylvania had a state police trooper stationed every couple of miles along the roads and highways, few people would speed, drive drunk or engage in other unsafe driving violations.

Sections of Pennsylvania Turnpike to see higher speed limits

Speed limits are a never-ending source of controversy. Since the 1970s, when the nationwide speed limit was lowered to 55 mile per hour to conserve fuel due to the oil embargo, there has been a constant debate over what constitutes the ideal speed limit.

With little notice, truck accidents begin increasing

There are few more frightening images than that of sitting in traffic that has come to a complete halt on an interstate highway, and seeing a semi truck rapidly approaching in the rearview mirror. This horrifying scenario plays out all too frequently on the nation's highways and this and other truck accidents occur daily with barely an eyebrow raised.