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March 2015 Archives

Scaffolding: a construction necessity, workplace safety risk pt2

In our prior post, we discussed a workplace accident that could have implications for many of our readers here in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. The accident involved a scaffolding collapse that took the lives of three men and left another severely injured.

Scaffolding: a construction necessity, workplace safety risk

Skyscrapers are incredible feats of engineering. They stretch tens of stories high with the perfect balance of strength and flexibility required to withstand strong winds and support the massive weight of the structure itself as well as everything inside.

Will I have to pay taxes on my SSD benefits?

April 15, the deadline for filing your tax returns, will be here in no time. For people in Harrisburg who began receiving Social Security Disability benefits last year, the process of filing a tax return may be a bit more confusing than it was last year. Do you have to pay taxes on your SSD benefits? And if so, how much? We hope that the following information will help you gain a high-level understanding of the tax obligations that SSD recipients have.

Social media and your workers' compensation claim

Many people in Pennsylvania use some form of social media. Whether you keep in touch with friends via Facebook or post daily photos over Instagram, there is no doubt that social media has become engrained in our culture. Although posting photos of the meal you cooked last night may be harmless, liberal use of social media in other circumstances is not always in your best interests.

An ambitious goal

Traffic fatalities cost the U.S. a great deal. There are the accidents themselves, which kill and injure motorists, resulting in costs as varied as the repair costs to sections of highway infrastructure damaged in the crashes, to the loss of income to a family from a husband or wife death.

Sometimes the turkeys may not be behind the wheel

With spring slowly arriving in Pennsylvania, many bikers are feeling the urge to take their motorcycles out for a ride. Some may want to economize by saving even more money on gas purchases with the superior mileage motorcycles offer, but most simply love riding their bikes.

Which master are they serving?

There is a concept known as a "conflict of interest." This occurs when someone or something is attempting to serve two masters. Attorneys are strongly cautioned to never accept representation of two parties who are adverse. The presumption is that if one is a zealous advocate for one side, one is shortchanging the other side.

Is hands-free any safer?

You've seen them driving through Chambersburg, on side streets and on I-81 heading towards Harrisburg. You may notice them when you are sitting at a stop light. The light changes and you wait. And wait. And finally, the head looks up and the car lurches forwards.

A story you do not want to write

A lot can happen in a short time in a motor vehicle. Driving on an Interstate highway, such as I-81 near Chambersburg, you find the speed limit is 65 miles per hour. Often, you may find drivers exceeding that "limit." And when you drive long distances at those speeds, you brain can habituate, adopting it as "normal," and lulling you into failing to recognize just how fast that is.

Practice make perfect

Athletes understand practice. No matter the sport, there are very few elite athletes, whether football players, figure skaters, soccer players, downhill skiers or NASCAR drivers who do not know the tedium of hours and hours honing their craft.

Without workers' comp, workers turn to SSDI

Congress has been struggling to deal with the many issues the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program has been facing. The growth of the system and the increase in associated costs have created pressures to do something. The greatest pressure will be to address the immediate funding shortfall, with the exhaustion of the SSDI trust fund.

You don't expect a truck tire to fall off, but they do

When it comes to car accidents, you just never know what may come flying at you. Literally. We all, of course, have to remain alert and aware of the actions of other drivers on the road. The obvious dangers posed by drunk or drowsy drivers, or those distracted by some form of electronic device, are well known.