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Sometimes the turkeys may not be behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

With spring slowly arriving in Pennsylvania, many bikers are feeling the urge to take their motorcycles out for a ride. Some may want to economize by saving even more money on gas purchases with the superior mileage motorcycles offer, but most simply love riding their bikes.

Cyclists need to be even more aware of their surrounding when touring the roads around Chambersburg, as the price you pay for the greater immediacy of experiencing the open road on a motorcycle is the lack of occupant protection during a motorcycle collision.

You know if you crash on your motorcycle, there are no seat belts, air bags, or crumple zones to protect your body from injury. You have your helmet (you do wear a helmet?) and your clothing, with your leather chaps, motorcycle boots and jacket providing the limited protection they can provide from road rash or worse.

Your greatest safety feature is your awareness of other drivers, road conditions and anything else that could interfere with your riding. Alcohol and biking can make a deadly cocktail, and one that must be avoided.

You also need to be hyper-vigilant of other drivers, especially those making left turns. In addition, you need to watch for wildlife anywhere within range of the road. Motorcyclists can be killed when striking a fully-grown deer, but other smaller animals can be an equal hazard.

Last week a man in Pennsylvania was injured when his motorcycle crashed into the rear of a car that had stopped for turkeys crossing the road. While this may sound funny, being tossed up on the trunk of a car from a bike is no laughing matter.

On a cycle, you should always maintain a safe following distance and be watching ahead of the car in front of your bike, so you are aware of situations that could cause them to slow unexpectedly.

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