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September 2015 Archives

Company places workers at risk for workplace injuries

A Pennsylvania company is facing a fine from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for exposing workers to excessive heat in the middle of the summer. The company was accused of making employees work in the heat for eight hours on a day when the temperatures rose above 90 degrees. When exposed to heat and harsh work conditions, workers can contract illnesses and suffer from workplace injuries.

More employers work to prevent on-the-job injuries

It is thought that complacency is one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and job-related deaths. In order to increase safety and prevent more on-the-job injuries, Pennsylvania employers are striving to protect workers. Through more vigilance and an increased focus on safety and employee training, employers hope to decrease the number of injured workers in the state.

Distraction is one the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents

Distracted driving, namely texting and driving, is one the leading causes of accidents in Pennsylvania and across the country. Since the invention of cell phones, distracted driving has been a major cause of motor vehicle accidents, but recent technology makes distraction even more of an issue. Common sources of distraction to drivers now include texting, answering emails, using a navigation system, responding to email and even taking pictures. 

Social Security benefits available to children with cancer

Cancer is a disease that affects thousands of families every year. The sad fact is that many cancer patients are younger than 20 years old, and it is regarded as the primary cause of children's deaths that are disease-related. Many children nationwide, including in Pennsylvania, suffer various forms of the disease, and September is the month for honoring their courage and strength, and the memory of the American children who did not survive these awful diseases. To assist victims of cancer and their families financially, Social Security benefits are provided to eligible families.

SSDI benefits may help those with serious impairments

Individuals with disabilities in Pennsylvania have the challenge of not only overcoming their barriers but also of convincing other people that these barriers in no way define them. Fortunately, Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, helps to alleviate some of the financial stress associated with no longer being able to work due to a disability. The disability can be either physical or mental.

Taxi kills 2 pedestrians in fatal accident in Pennsylvania

Broad and Arch Streets in Philadelphia is the location of the Pennsylvania architectural treasure known as City Hall. The circular streets surrounding the site are well marked and regulated, but they are prone to abuse by cab drivers and private operators who tend to race to beat the traffic signals. That may possibly be the cause of a fatal accident that occurred recently near that site when a taxicab struck and killed two pedestrians.

Motorcycle accidents often prove to be fatal in Pennsylvania

As the warmer weather is beginning to disappear, there may be more motorists on the road trying to enjoy the last days of the sun and enjoyable rides. Although motorcyclists need to watch out for vehicles, the drivers of vehicles need to keep an eye out for motorcyclists as well. This can go a long way in preserving lives across the state of Pennsylvania by minimizing the number of motorcycle accidents that occur.

Wrongful death claim may follow death of schoolboy struck by bus

Pedestrians on the roads in the immediate vicinity of schools will always be vulnerable. Vehicle operators are expected to keep a proper lookout for students crossing in front of schools. An accident can happen in the blink of an eye, and it can have devastating consequences. It is not uncommon for wrongful death claims to result from accidents in which students are killed by alleged negligent drivers.

What to do if your SSDI claim is denied

Many Pennsylvania workers are at risk in the normal course of their workplace duties. In addition to the what would be considered as a typical risk, some employees find themselves in positions where accidents occur or some type of negligence or hazard leads to their being injured or made ill. When a worker suffers a disability that causes him or her to become incapable of functioning in the workplace for a year or more, SSDI benefits may be available.

Workers' compensation will cover man's death at worksite

In Pennsylvania as in all other states, a person injured or killed while performing one's job duties is covered by workers' compensation benefits. Workers' compensation payments to injured workers are paid regardless of fault. In return for a system that is supposed to pay benefits automatically for work injuries, the worker relinquishes the right to sue the employer for general damages in a tort action.