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January 2016 Archives

Unable to work? You may be eligible for Social Security benefits

When a Pennsylvania resident is injured and unable to work, it is within the rights of that individual to seek financial support. From unpaid medical bills to lost income, a disabled individual and family could be left with a substantial financial burden. Social Security benefits are intended to support those who cannot work due to a mental or physical disability, but it can be a complex process to claim those benefits. 

Workers' compensation death benefits after fatal accident

A Pennsylvania construction company has been fined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for an accident that claimed the life of one worker. Susquehanna Supply Company Inc., a bridge construction company, was fined by OSHA for violations that are considered to be willful and which contributed to a trench collapse. The deceased was working in the trench at the time that it collapsed, causing the fatality. The family of this individual is likely eligible for workers' compensation death benefits.

Pennsylvania driver wins settlement from Ford over car accident

A Pennsylvania court recently upheld a huge settlement against Ford Motor Company granted to a victim for his pain and suffering following a car accident. The man filed the lawsuit against the major American automaker after a car accident left him paralyzed because his airbag did not deploy. The claimant stated that the airbag failure was due to a design defect. 

Brain injury and motor vehicle accidents: the impact on children

In the past, it was thought that children did not suffer from brain injuries in the same way that adults do. Research indicates that this is not correct, and children who suffer brain injuries in motor vehicle accidents could suffer life-long consequences, even from a minor impact. Understanding brain injuries in children is an important step toward securing needed assistance and medical care.

Protecting victim rights after truck accidents

Semi trucks play an important role in the nation's economy, but these large vehicles can pose a danger to innocent motorists. Truck drivers have a special responsibility to drive safely and remain vigilant behind the wheel, but these drivers are often too tired to drive safely and/or ate trans;porting unbalanced loads that can lead to accidents. When truck accidents occur, victims have every right to protect their legal rights.

Drowsy driving may be the underlying cause of your car accident

Drowsy driving is a common problem and the source of many car accidents, even if it is rarely acknowledged as a major issue. Drunk driving and distracting driving are problems that garner a lot of attention in Pennsylvania, but there are other prevalent issues that are underreported. As a result, other causes, such as drowsy driving, are infrequently considered as a possible cause of a car accident. 

Motorcycle accidents often lead to serious injuries

A recent Pennsylvania motorcycle accident underlines the serious risk of injury faced by bikers. When negligent or reckless drivers do not know how to properly share the road, tragic motorcycle accidents can occur. In this particular accident, a person was thrown from his bike when another driver pulled out in front of him.