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Pennsylvania driver wins settlement from Ford over car accident

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2016 | Car Accidents

A Pennsylvania court recently upheld a huge settlement against Ford Motor Company granted to a victim for his pain and suffering following a car accident. The man filed the lawsuit against the major American automaker after a car accident left him paralyzed because his airbag did not deploy. The claimant stated that the airbag failure was due to a design defect. 

The man was driving a 2005 Mercury Sable when his vehicle crashed with a Ford Mustang. At the time of the crash, the airbag did not deploy, which resulted in his head hitting the windshield. The subsequent spinal injuries left him paralyzed and unable to walk for the rest of his life. The $5.8 million was awarded to him by a jury that determined he was the innocent victim of a design flaw and had a rightful claim to compensation.

This case serves as an excellent example of why it is important to seek legal help after a car accident involving a design flaw or dangerous car parts. Manufacturers are responsible for releasing vehicles that are safe and thoroughly inspected. Any automaker or car part manufacturer can be held accountable when negligence results in consumer harm. 

When a design flaw causes harm, a victim has the right to take appropriate steps in order to claim a legal remedy to his or her pain and suffering. No amount of compensation can undo the damage that has been done in a serious car accident, but it could help a victim and family recover losses from medical bills and long-term needs. A case evaluation with an experienced Pennsylvania lawyer is the best way to understand what legal options are available.

Source: pennlive.com, “Pa. court upholds $5.9M verdict against Ford Motor Co. in airbag defect case“, Matt Miller, Jan. 7, 2016


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