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5 Pennsylvania residents killed when SUV strikes motorcycles

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcylists are at a great risk when motor vehicle drivers fail to share the roads. When motorcycles are involved in collisions, riders often suffer serious or fatal injuries.

On Saturday afternoon, an SUV crossed a center line in Washington Township, Pennsylvania, striking a motorcycle. The SUV then spun around, causing another motorcycle to broadside it. Four people were on the two motorcycles at the time, and none of them survived. A passenger who was in the SUV was also killed in the collision. The victims, all Pennsylvania residents, range in age from 27 to 68, according to ABC 13.

No further information about the tragic SUV vs. motorcycle accident appears to have been reported, and it is unclear why the SUV crossed the center line. As of last Monday, the accident remained under investigation.

Typically, these types of collisions involve drugs, alcohol, fatigue or some type of driver distraction. In some cases, a sudden medical event causes a person to cross a center line.

It has been reported that this may have been the worst accident in the history of the township, in terms of the number of fatalities.

This tragedy is yet another reminder of the serious responsibility of driving a motor vehicle. When people do not share the roads and obey traffic rules, the results can be dire.

The loved ones of victims of fatal car or motorcycle accidents may wish to seek legal guidance to learn how to hold negligent drivers accountable, and how to obtain compensation for their losses.

Source: Associated Press, “5 die as motorcycles, SUV crash in southern Pennsylvania near Maryland border,” Oct. 21, 2013


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