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Settlement reached in Pennsylvania liquor liability case

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2013 | Wrongful Death

When Pennsylvania residents lose loved ones in tragic accidents, it is important that they are able to seek justice as well as avoid becoming financially burdened as a result of the tragedy. Pursuing wrongful death claims allows the loved ones of accident victims to hold negligent parties responsible for accidents. These claims also allow people to seek compensation for their losses.

A significant wrongful death case came to an end this week in Pennsylvania.

The case stems from a tragic drunk driving accident that took place in 2010 in Northampton County. A man reportedly drank upwards of 30 alcoholic beverages during and following a Reading Royals game before he got behind the wheel of his pickup truck and crashed into a car. Three people were killed.

The drunk driver survived and he has been sentenced to 18 years in prison.

The loved ones of the victims of this DUI crash sued multiple bars that served the man before he got behind the wheel that night. They also sued Santander Arena, where the man was drinking during the hockey game.

It was announced this week that a $12.7 million settlement has been reached between the victims’ families and the defendants. It has been called one of the largest liquor liability cases in Pennsylvania history.

Of course, the settlement cannot bring back the people who were killed in the drunk driving accident. It will, however, alleviate their families of funeral expenses and of the effects of losing a source of income. Hopefully, the case has also been a lesson to the establishments that over-served the driver that night.

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