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Lawsuit filed against maker of ‘defective’ ladder after fatal fall

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2013 | Wrongful Death

Certain areas of employment involve risks, such as construction or industrial work. However, by law, those who work in such fields need to be protected from known hazards. This means that they must have adequate safety equipment, training, and tools and machinery, among other things. Far too often, construction workers and others who perform manual labor are subjected to using defective or dangerous equipment.

For example, in August 2012 an employee of the city of Philadelphia was doing work for the city when the ladder he was standing on gave out. He fell to the concrete floor below him, striking his head. He suffered severe head injuries and did not survive. It later turned out that the ladder may have been defective – it was missing multiple nuts and bolts.

In the aftermath of this tragic workplace accident, the man’s widow has sued the city of Philadelphia as well as the manufacturer of the ladder.

When workplace injuries or fatalities are caused by defective equipment, it is very important to hold the manufacturers of the equipment accountable. This can result in compensation for the victim’s family for funeral expenses, lost income and pain and suffering. And, it can also help shed light on the problem and hopefully prevent others from being injured in similar accidents.

Workplace injury law is very complicated in Pennsylvania. Who can and should be held responsible after a workplace accident depends on a number of circumstances. 

The loved ones of victims of fatal workplace accidents should seek legal counsel in order to learn about their rights.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Wrongful death claim filed by estate of Phila. employee who died after falling from ladder,” Jon Campisi, Nov. 26, 2013


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