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Ironworker suffers workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

When people go to work in Pennsylvania, they naturally do not anticipate becoming injured in a workplace accident. Workplace injuries, however, can happen at any time due to machine malfunctions or other workplace mishaps, some of which are beyond the worker’s control. One person in another state recently suffered injuries at a jobsite.

The accident happened early in the morning on a Friday. While working at an airport, an ironworker was attempting to make a panel secure. However, as a concrete piece that was 32 tons was being hoisted using a crane, it ended up falling. After this concrete piece fell, the man plummeted 40 feet as well.

The man landed on top of the heavy precast concrete piece. The ironworker, 53, was transported to the hospital. His injuries were deemed to be life-threatening. All work at the garage was halted until city, state and federal officials, including those from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, were finished investigating the accident.

Purchasing workers’ compensation insurance is not an option for businesses in Pennsylvania. They have to buy this insurance to protect their workers in the event that their employees suffer workplace injuries. The benefit of this type of insurance is that it covers a percentage of an injured worker’s normal income; it also ensures that workers are able to get the medical treatment they need in light of their injuries. People who become hurt on the job have the right to pursue legal guidance in an effort to maximize the workers’ compensation insurance benefits they ultimately obtain.

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