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Standing too long at work can lead to workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

Research has determined that prolonged periods of standing at work can lead to muscle strains, joint problems and back problems. While many jobs do require that workers stand, it is important that Pennsylvania workers understand how to seek deserved compensation for workplace injuries. In fact, standing can lead to serious health complications if these problems persist over time. 

These types of strain and repetitive stress injuries can affect workers of all ages. Even workers who were allowed to take breaks still displayed signs of long-term fatigue. These types of injuries do not receive a significant amount of attention, despite the financial impact that they can have on both employers and employees. This may be related to the fact that workers assume that their fatigue and strain-related discomfort are normal effects of their jobs.

Every California worker has the right to a safe and productive workplace. Even when sufficient breaks are granted, a worker can still sustain injuries that may make it difficult to do his or her job. This can lead to missed work, lost wages and medical expenses that are difficult to manage. When workers suffer from on-the-job injuries, they may be eligible for compensation.

Workers’ compensation benefits may be granted to those who have suffered from workplace injuries. However, obtaining deserved benefits can sometimes be complex and many claims are initially denied. Pennsylvania workers may continue to fight for restitution by appealing a denied claim and exploring every avenue for potential compensation. A knowledgeable lawyer can help injured victims and family members get the support that they need.

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