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Holding drunk drivers accountable for accident injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2015 | Car Accidents

Drunk driving is an inexcusable, irresponsible behavior that can have devastating consequences. When people in Pennsylvania suffer serious injuries — or worse –because of a drunk driver, these drivers may be held accountable for the damages and accident injuries that follow. Sadly, many people do not take legal action to protect their rights and their rightful claim to compensation.

Drunk drivers are dangerous drivers. They swerve, drive at erratic speeds and often do not follow the rules of the road. Alcohol dulls the senses of a driver, making it hard to react in an appropriate manner when the unexpected occurs. Even one or two drinks can make it difficult for a driver to make smart decisions behind the wheel.

These drivers may face criminal charges for alcohol-related offenses. However, they can also face civil claims from the victims of accidents that they caused. Injured victims and those who lost a loved one due in such a manner have the right to seek compensation for the financial losses associated with the accident. Personal injury claims should not be navigated without the help of a lawyer, as they can be complex.

Victims of drunk driving should take immediate action to protect their rightful entitlements under the law. We conduct investigations into these accidents, determining who may be liable for accident injuries and other damages. We build strongly supported cases on behalf of our Pennsylvania clients. Learn about your options by scheduling a case evaluation with our team or visiting our website for additional information.


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