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If unable to work, SSDI benefits may be available

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2015 | Social Security Disaibility For Injuries

When a person cannot work, he or she is left with medical bills and other costs associated with the loss of income. This leads to a frustrating cycle as a person is unsure of how to meet ongoing financial obligations without having a steady income. Fortunately, Social Security Disability Insurance benefits may be available to those who are unable to work.

Obtaining SSDI benefits can be a long and complicated process. It is important to secure legal help as early as possible in the process, as it can give a Pennsylvania applicant a higher chance of a successful initial application. Those who are under full retirement age, unable to work for at least a year and meet other qualifications may be eligible for financial support.

If a person is determined to be eligible for these benefits, the amount granted will be based on several factors. This includes any other benefits that are being received, such as workers’ compensation benefits. Once an injured individual reaches full retirement age, disability benefits will switch over to regular Social Security benefits. A person cannot receive both simultaneously.

Applying for benefits is a complicated process and those affected typically have a lot of unanswered questions. Although the process may be slow, it is important for an Pennsylvania worker to fully understand his or her rights if unable to work. With the help of a lawyer, an applicant can compile the needed documentation and ensure that the application is completed correctly. While many claims are initially denied, a lawyer can also help file an appeal. 

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