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February 2016 Archives

On-the-job injuries lead to OSHA citations for landscape company

A Pennsylvania landscaping company is facing citations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after two workers were injured. The on-the-job injuries occurred last summer, and the fines were levied against the company after an OSHA investigation into both incidents. The accidents underscore the importance of safety measures for those who are employed in the lawn care industry. 

Collecting the wrongful death benefits that you deserve

When a loved one is killed in an accident, you may feel overwhelmed by your circumstances, not focused on possible legal remedies. Whether the death was the result of a work accident, car crash, medical malpractice or other reason, families often neglect to explore possible legal options during this time of grief. On behalf of families who are navigating these complex times, we can seek the wrongful death benefits that Pennsylvania loved ones need and deserve.

When are accident injuries grounds for a personal injury claim?

Car accidents can cause a myriad of injuries, ranging from minor cuts and bruises to major trauma that leaves Pennsylvania victims with lifelong disabilities. While accident injuries are not uncommon, it can be difficult to know what constitutes valid grounds for a personal injury claim. Some injuries, specifically those to the back, may linger and indicate a more serious problem over time.

Car accident victims: What you need to know about whiplash

If you were diagnosed with whiplash after a car accident, you know how hard it can be to move forward while dealing with lingering pain and medical bills. While whiplash is a relatively common car accident injury, the effects of this type of medical problem should not be underestimated. After an accident, it is important to understand whether your injury is a valid ground for a personal injury claim in Pennsylvania.

Distraction leading cause of motor vehicle accidents for teens

Distracted driving is a major problem for young Pennsylvania drivers. Teen drivers are at a particularly high risk of being involved in fatal motor vehicle accidents because of distractions behind the wheel. In fact, this particular problem is such an issue across the nation that the term "intextication" has been coined to describe the state of many teen drivers.

Victims of whiplash and other accident injuries have rights

Whiplash is a common, yet commonly misunderstood, type of car accident injury. Accident injuries of all kinds can have a long-term impact on Pennsylvania victims, including any type of damage to the neck or back. Whiplash is thought to be a minor injury, but it can be painful and costly for those who were involved in various types of motor vehicle accidents. 

Is road design to blame for motor vehicle accidents on Route 272?

A recent fatal accident along Route 272 has raised questions from Providence Township residents regarding the safety of this particular stretch of Pennsylvania road. Before the most recent accident, these few miles miles were the scene of at least 22 accidents from 2010 to 2014. For many years, people have wondered how the road could be improved in order to prevent additional motor vehicle accidents.

Head-on fatal accident claims life of Pennsylvania residents

A tragic head-on accident claimed the lives of five Pennsylvania residents as they were traveling along Interstate 81. One vehicle involved in the fatal crash was occupied by four co-workers, originally from India, who worked in Scott Township. The four men were going home from work at the time of the fatal accident, which also caused the death of one other person.